TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream Original

(523 customer reviews)

If you’re looking for an effective pain relief solution, TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream Original is the answer!
This numbing cream is a trusted and widely recognized choice for minimizing discomfort caused by cosmetic procedures, tattoos, laser hair removal and more.
This product is part of our company’s traditional line, consolidated on the market since 1996.
Its 55% anesthetic power is great for deep and long-lasting procedures.

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Welcome to the page TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream

Welcome to the official page of the tktx company. Here you will find all the information about this product. Discover the benefits and advantages of purchasing this product.

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Cream Properties

Discover the main elements of this product.

TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream is part of the traditional line of our ointments. Today its anesthetic power is considered long-lasting and profound.

Lidocaine 7%
Effect time (3 to 5 hours)
Anesthetic Strength 55%
Depth 100%
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Main Procedures

Discover the main procedures in which you can apply this product.


TKTX offers several benefits for those who want to get a tattoo, making the process more comfortable and pleasurable by reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the tattooing process.

Laser waxing

TKTX offers a significant benefit for people seeking hair removal procedures on various areas of the body. When applied before waxing, it reduces the sensation of pain and discomfort during the process.


TKTX offers a significant benefit to anyone looking to get a piercing, reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the piercing process. making the experience calmer, especially for those who are afraid of needles.


TKTX offers a notable benefit for those who wish to perform multiple microneedling procedures by reducing the burning sensation and discomfort during microneedling.

Tattoo Removal

TKTX offers a versatile benefit for those who wish to perform tattoo removal procedures on various areas of the body, reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the laser tattoo removal process.

Facial Procedures

TKTX provides a notable benefit by reducing burning sensation and discomfort during facial procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox and other aesthetic treatments.


TKTX provides a valuable benefit by reducing the sensation of discomfort and pain during podiatric procedures, such as treatments for ingrown toenails, calluses or plantar warts.


TKTX offers a significant benefit by reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the injection process. This makes injections less painful and more bearable.

Minor Surgeries

TKTX offers a significant benefit in reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the surgical procedure. This makes minor surgeries gentler and less painful.

Other Procedures

TKTX offers benefits across a wide range of medical and aesthetic procedures. Its main benefit is the ability to reduce patients' feelings of pain and discomfort.

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How To Use

How to use TKTX?

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 2 cm

In stock and prompt delivery

Average Anesthetic Effect Time

3 to 5 hours (with correct application), depending on the type of skin

Base ingredient

Benzilic alcohol, carbon, lecithin, propylene glycol, tocopherol acetate, water

Brand / Manufacturer



MSDS and Cruelty Free

Cream Color

Pink or White

Customer support

[email protected]


Anesthetic effect


Lidocaine 5%, Prilocaine 5%, Epinephrine 1%

Occupation area

Each product efficiently serves an area of approximately 20 x 20 centimeters.


Hong Kong

Package content

1 Tube with holographic seal

Tube Material



2 (two) years

Validity after opening

Keep tightly closed, use within 50 days

Reviews (523)

523 reviews for TKTX Green 55% Numbing Cream Original

  1. Avatar Of George E. Saravia

    George E. Saravia (verified owner)

    Works awesome will use again

  2. Avatar Of Doreen L. Brott

    Doreen L. Brott (verified owner)

    This Was My First Tattoo So I Was Scared But Can I Say I Plan On Getting Another Tattoo So I will Be Buying Another One This Stuff Is Magical

  3. Avatar Of Albert M. Lee

    Albert M. Lee (verified owner)

    really didn’t think this would work until I asked my tattoo artist if he’s even started and he said “yesss!”
    Literally didn’t feel a thing for three hours

  4. Avatar Of Zachary N. Mitchell

    Zachary N. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Would highly recommend. Does exactly what it says it does.

  5. Avatar Of Joan D. Price

    Joan D. Price (verified owner)

    I love this cream I was finally able to cover up my stomach scar with out any pain . My cream lasted me up to 4 1/2 hours can’t wait to finish a lot of other painful parts on my body . Definitely worth the price and wait to get the product

  6. Avatar Of Gerald B. Childers

    Gerald B. Childers (verified owner)

    Did it just how the directions told me, the first half i couldn’t feel a thing but towards Brooklyn’s name it started wearing off i probably took too long to start, but it loved it will be ordering more !!

  7. Avatar Of William S. Taylor

    William S. Taylor (verified owner)

    When I tell you I’ve tried 10 different numbing creams I’m not exaggerating. This stuff is leaps and bounds better. I just got an entire back piece and I would say the pain was a 2 out of 10. Normally a back piece is unbearable. I wish I found this company sooner. Please trust me I’m covered in tattoos and know all about the pain. This company is a miracle

  8. Avatar Of Rebecca N. Butler

    Rebecca N. Butler (verified owner)

    Best numb for tattoos and pmu

  9. Avatar Of Michael T. Croskey

    Michael T. Croskey (verified owner)

    Great product fast delivery

  10. Avatar Of Judy L. Parker

    Judy L. Parker (verified owner)

    Numbs really well!!!!

  11. Avatar Of James C. Hill

    James C. Hill (verified owner)

    Used product today for first time, I was actually blown away.

  12. Avatar Of Dionne D. Mcgaugh

    Dionne D. McGaugh (verified owner)

    This is by far the best numbing cream I’ve ever used Thanks TKTX!

  13. Avatar Of Max C. Lemmons

    Max C. Lemmons (verified owner)

    My tattoo artist said i was literally snoring during our session

  14. Avatar Of Wendy C. Gillespie

    Wendy C. Gillespie (verified owner)

    Again all I can say is WOW! Painless the entire 5 hours. Second review and still as impressed as the first ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  15. Avatar Of Randy N. Darby

    Randy N. Darby (verified owner)

    Was expecting some pain on my fingers and was totally blown away that I felt nothing. I’ve had 13 tattoos and some are quite large and I wish I would have had this product for them. Definitely a must for all my next sessions!

  16. Avatar Of Blanca R. Crosby

    Blanca R. Crosby (verified owner)

    Made the work being done on my spine a breeze!!!!! Good stuff.

  17. Avatar Of Grace M. Young

    Grace M. Young (verified owner)

    Used this for the attached photo and a few tattoos before this one! Always amazing, I recommend this to everyone. ☺️

  18. Avatar Of Marie S. Barber

    Marie S. Barber (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Alasca in Juneau. Original product with authenticity seal

  19. Avatar Of Leslie R. Johnson

    Leslie R. Johnson (verified owner)

    Worked really good for 4-5 hours. Its a must to have!

  20. Avatar Of Micheal C. Weber

    Micheal C. Weber (verified owner)

    I had the shading done on a full back tattoo and used the Tattoo Numbing cream. The only pain I felt at all was in the areas I missed getting the cream on. This stuff is AMAZING! It felt like someone pushing on your skin, I felt NO pain at all where the cream had been applied, and I was there for a few hours. I highly recommend this product if you want to feel no pain while getting tattooed! I will be purchasing again before my next ink appointment.

  21. Avatar Of James V. Smith

    James V. Smith (verified owner)

    After my last experience with the tattoo on my leg I wanted to find a numbing cream that would really work, after reading reviews I gave this a go. I didn’t feel a single thing!! I put it on the area I was getting my tattoo an hour before my session, it lasted 7 hours before I began to feel it wearing off.

  22. Avatar Of James V. Royal

    James V. Royal (verified owner)

    10/10 recommend this product,I legit felt nothing.

  23. Avatar Of Maxine M. Hernandez

    Maxine M. Hernandez (verified owner)

    Worked great for first 2-3 hours of being tattooed literally couldn’t feel a thing during this time, will definitely be using again.

  24. Avatar Of Mark A. Terrones

    Mark A. Terrones (verified owner)

    Best best best product ever created I felt nothing my session was close to 4 hours making product for sure getting more art done again Thanks to this ever created .

  25. Avatar Of Joshua C. Spivey

    Joshua C. Spivey (verified owner)

    This stuff works bad ass I felt nothing at all kinda feels like when you get the shots from the dentist to numb the pain I will definitely be purchasing again real soon

  26. Avatar Of Richard E. Le

    Richard E. Le (verified owner)

    My Tattoo was literally pain free no pain at all this stuff is literally magic in a tube!!!!!

  27. Avatar Of Ernest M. Belanger

    Ernest M. Belanger (verified owner)

    Currently getting tattooed as I am writing this review. Been under the needle for 2 hours and literally haven’t felt a thing. What a game changer! This stuff is magic and I will never be getting a tattoo without it. Don’t hesitate and order. I used one tube and just followed the instructions. Anyways I’m gonna have another nap. Easy breezy!

  28. Avatar Of Barbara G. Goldman

    Barbara G. Goldman (verified owner)

    Put it on about an hour and a half before my tattoo , I was nervous but it 100 percent works , tattoo took almost 2 hours and it was painless . Definitely recommend

  29. Avatar Of Nancy E. Jones

    Nancy E. Jones (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Virgínia Ocidental in Charleston. Original product with authenticity seal

  30. Avatar Of Daniel F. Chambers

    Daniel F. Chambers (verified owner)

    My son and I both used the cream 90 minutes before our 2 hour tattoo session and we didn’t feel a thing!!!

  31. Avatar Of Stephen T. Yanez

    Stephen T. Yanez (verified owner)

    This numbing cream is the King of all numbing creams. I didn’t feel anything and I was having tooting done over scars as well. I love this numbing cream that I bought 8 of them since I have a lot more ink to get. Whoever buys this will not be disappointed. Also, here’s a tip ” apply the cream to the area your going to get tatted 90 minutes before and wrap it with plastic wrap ” you’ll thank me later

  32. Avatar Of Roy K. Downey

    Roy K. Downey (verified owner)

    I love the cream I got my arm tattooed and my stomach it put it on 90 minutes before my tattoo wrapped it up with some saran wrap and got my tattoo on my stomach I didn’t realize that the tattoo man was done I said back in the chair and then fill the thing will be buying more and I gave it five stars

  33. Avatar Of Elaine R. Schimmel

    Elaine R. Schimmel (verified owner)

    I couldn’t imagine sitting for 8+ hours without this product! My one regret was not buying more tubes!!

  34. Avatar Of Monica D. Rodriguez

    Monica D. Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Kein Produkt erhalten

  35. Avatar Of Sara E. Valdez

    Sara E. Valdez (verified owner)

    I really works!!!

  36. Avatar Of Christopher D. Smith

    Christopher D. Smith (verified owner)

    Having now had both feet done. If I had anymore feet I wouldn’t be getting them tattooed without this numbing cream!!

  37. Avatar Of Melissa A. Montoya

    Melissa A. Montoya (verified owner)

    I love it and helps with pain as a PMU artist, it really works but I think I should be bigger for the price

  38. Avatar Of Irma L. Singleton

    Irma L. Singleton (verified owner)

    I just used my cream today it’s best on the market . I’m getting ready to order another tumb so I won’t run out ✌ ✌ ✌

  39. Avatar Of Barbara R. Johnson

    Barbara R. Johnson (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved the cream , leg was numb for hours , will definitely get some more

  40. Avatar Of Judy A. Wortham

    Judy A. Wortham (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel a thing! I actually went to sleep

  41. Avatar Of Niels Møller

    Niels Møller (verified owner)

    Increíble. Me encanta eso!

  42. Avatar Of Beverly C. Morrison

    Beverly C. Morrison (verified owner)

    First time trying this after 30+ tattoos and it’s a 10/10 for me. You literally don’t feel the needle in your skin at all. Near the end of the session, the area was sore from wiping away the excess ink but I still didn’t feel the needle! Just bought 2 more.

  43. Avatar Of Gary E. Mcgrath

    Gary E. McGrath (verified owner)

    I applied tattoo numbing cream an hour and a half before having my tattoo filled in. I felt nothing for my 3 hour session. I honestly could have slept. I was surprised by how little I felt after having my line work done in my previous session and was in discomfort the entire time. This made my second session a breeze and I ordered more for my third and fourth sessions. I love it. It really works.

  44. Avatar Of Barbara D. Morgan

    Barbara D. Morgan (verified owner)

    I got my knee cap done yesterday and my artist and I were in disbelief at how amazing this stuff really is! It’s no bs it’s the real deal folks!

  45. Avatar Of Felix D. Long

    Felix D. Long (verified owner)

    This is my second time using the numbing cream. Works fantastic and helps to get through otherwise difficult tattoo.

  46. Avatar Of Gina Bulty

    Gina Bulty (verified owner)

    I’ve used this product a few times now and recently just ordered more. Follow the directions on the package and the numbing is incredible!

  47. Avatar Of Bonnie C. Payton

    Bonnie C. Payton (verified owner)

    Felt like a light feather running over my arm. Felt nothing .. pain free

  48. Avatar Of Ora B. Atkinson

    Ora B. Atkinson (verified owner)

    This stuff is magical and after purchasing one tube to try, I am ordering more so I can finally finish up my back tattoo. How went this long without to begin with, is beyond me.

  49. Avatar Of Daniel A. Kimbell

    Daniel A. Kimbell (verified owner)

    Used this cream for the first time and I didn’t feel a thing! I will continue to purchase and use this product for future tattoo sessions

  50. Avatar Of Bradley M. Milliron

    Bradley M. Milliron (verified owner)

    Amazing cream

  51. Avatar Of Philip J. Johnson

    Philip J. Johnson (verified owner)

    I will never not use tattoo numbing cream… I sat for 8 hrs without driving my artist crazy!! Best numbing cream ever. I will always use before a session.

  52. Avatar Of Charity W. Warren

    Charity W. Warren (verified owner)

    I had my appointment today. I cannot say enough about how incredible your product is in keeping the area to be tattooed numb. I applied the cream from my knee to my toes on my left leg and the entirety of that section was numb from 1pm until hours after my session was completed. I have used a variety of lidocaine products looking for something that did not need reapplication and that would help clients get through those lengthy realism appointments that run upwards of 8 hours. My appointment was 4 hours and I truly did not feel a thing. It works better then anything else on the market that does not require a prescription from your doctor. Just outstanding!! I cannot wait to share this information with the shop and every single person on the planet in the tattoo community. Mind Blown I have my follow-up session in another month and will post a finished photo and review of how the cream works on ongoing pieces. Thank you for your wonderful product (being tattooed since 1995, working as client coordinator for Slave to the Needle in sunny Seattle)

  53. Avatar Of Hector H. Couch

    Hector H. Couch (verified owner)

    High class art studios Chicago love it! No pain killed it

  54. Avatar Of Steven B. Lyon

    Steven B. Lyon (verified owner)

    I have tried different numbing creams but this one is absolutely the best almost 100% pain free ven in a 5 hrs session. Tattoo numbing cream is killing it…

  55. Avatar Of Lorine R. Diaz

    Lorine R. Diaz (verified owner)

    Really good cream

  56. Avatar Of Mark B. Holland

    Mark B. Holland (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with this stuff. It made getting a FREAKING ARMPIT TATTOO an absolute breeze. I applied it about an hour – hour and fifteen minutes before I started getting tattooed and I felt no pain for easily the first hour. I got my other armpit tattooed with no numbing cream and wow it was a world of difference.

  57. Avatar Of Aaron S. Nelson

    Aaron S. Nelson (verified owner)

    Love it

  58. Avatar Of Ron C. Gregory

    Ron C. Gregory (verified owner)

    Tattoo appointment was at 12pm, I applied the cream at 10:25 and wrapped it in plastic. Got to the appointment and she started at about 12:20. I had to ask her “is the needle in yet” and it was! I didn’t even feel she had started. I was numb the whole 3 hours of the tattoo session and parts of my leg are still numb 8 hours later! Best tattoo experience using this cream. Would recommend 1,000 % !!

  59. Avatar Of Jose L. Hadley

    Jose L. Hadley (verified owner)

    Just got my right knee done yesterday 21/10/21. I have used this cream many times now and l thoroughly recommend it. It works. My tattoo took 4 hours and l only just started to feel the pain in the last half an hour. Buy it. It really does work.

  60. Avatar Of Monroe E. Perez

    Monroe E. Perez (verified owner)

    I’ve used the numbing cream for about half this piece and will use it for the remaining hours! It 100% takes all discomfort out of the process! Wish I knew about this for all my other tattoos!

  61. Avatar Of David K. Santana

    David K. Santana (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel a thing! I had my knee and the fold of the back of my knee tattooed at the same time. Amazing product and will be using again, I wish I’d used it sooner.

  62. Avatar Of Mary A. Silva

    Mary A. Silva (verified owner)


  63. Avatar Of Marcene G. Koehler

    Marcene G. Koehler (verified owner)

    Started my sleeve today, was super nervous so I bought this cream and it numbed my arm for the full 4 1/2 hour session! My forearm is still numb (didn’t know where we would start so I numbed my whole arm) my forearm didn’t get tattooed but my biceps stayed numb throughout the session, will be buying more for my next session!

  64. Avatar Of Cynthia D. Terry

    Cynthia D. Terry (verified owner)

    The cream worked well and made a tough spot tolerable. Thank you!

  65. Avatar Of Sam A. Roy

    Sam A. Roy (verified owner)

    It really works I need to get more tattoo loo

  66. Avatar Of Melvin C. Malin

    Melvin C. Malin (verified owner)

    I actually went to sleep doing this

  67. Avatar Of Hugo S. Martin

    Hugo S. Martin (verified owner)

    Had this tattoo done, used the numbing cream, didn’t feel a thing, my tattoo artist couldn’t believe it. Ordered more for my next tattoo.

  68. Avatar Of Sandra S. Bly

    Sandra S. Bly (verified owner)

    I love the cream!! Helped A LOT and I swear by this!!!

  69. Avatar Of Margaret M. Steil

    Margaret M. Steil (verified owner)

    TKTX has fast shipping and a great product. Ive had many very good reviews from our clients.

  70. Avatar Of Dorothy R. Hom

    Dorothy R. Hom (verified owner)

    It numbs really well

  71. Avatar Of Frances F. Villegas

    Frances F. Villegas (verified owner)

    Worked great for laser hair removal. Make sure to evenly cover the area.

  72. Avatar Of Jim M. Tucker

    Jim M. Tucker (verified owner)

    i do not handle pain well, and i was very anxious about getting this sternum piece. i found this website and read the reviews, felt skeptical, but went with it..and i am so happy i did!! this product works so well. i applied it an hour and a half beforehand, and the session lasted about 3 hours and i felt nothing!! i will most definitely be purchasing another tube for my thigh tattoo next year!! thank you for this awesome product!!

  73. Avatar Of Joe B. Sanders

    Joe B. Sanders (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Ohio in Columbus. Original product with authenticity seal

  74. Avatar Of 今林 緑

    今林 緑 (verified owner)


  75. Avatar Of Amy J. Heise

    Amy J. Heise (verified owner)

    4 hour tattoo and didn’t feel any pain. I placed it an hour before my session and seran wrapped it. Amaxing!!

  76. Avatar Of William E. Foreman

    William E. Foreman (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Michigan in Lansing. Original product with authenticity seal

  77. Avatar Of Branislav Matković

    Branislav Matković (verified owner)

    krema je super

  78. Avatar Of Isabel T. Copley

    Isabel T. Copley (verified owner)

    ná mothaigh pian

  79. Avatar Of Jay K. Richardson

    Jay K. Richardson (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Utah in Salt Lake City. Original product with authenticity seal

  80. Avatar Of Alicia J. Tibbetts

    Alicia J. Tibbetts (verified owner)

    Saw this and was skeptic at first, but not anymore. Just did 4 hours on my shin and I didn’t feel a thing. Will definitely use again!

  81. Avatar Of Rodney M. Brun

    Rodney M. Brun (verified owner)

    No pain at all.

  82. Avatar Of Tammy J. Hendrix

    Tammy J. Hendrix (verified owner)

    Tá sé seo iontach

  83. Avatar Of Josephine A. Swain

    Josephine A. Swain (verified owner)

    Although the cream worked I did not get to use the one I ordered sadly my friend had to lend me one the cream still hasn’t came in, In over a month which makes no sense because I ordered mine before she did. And no one has answered my emails.

  84. Avatar Of Oliver Lussier

    Oliver Lussier (verified owner)

    Très bon service

  85. Avatar Of Anthony K. Hall

    Anthony K. Hall (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Colorado in Denver. Original product with authenticity seal

  86. Avatar Of Scott L. Hare

    Scott L. Hare (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing.
    At first i was skeptical because i know the spot i was tattooing sucks!!!!
    I Said to myself i minuswell give it a try what’s the worse that can happen.
    “Let me tell You ” simply amazing.. definitly recommend and i’m buying more right after This post lol..GUARANTEE YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!!!

  87. Avatar Of Jane J. Pinnock

    Jane J. Pinnock (verified owner)

    Awesome product felt no pain at all I love this cream

  88. Avatar Of Robert E. Kinnison

    Robert E. Kinnison (verified owner)

    Thanks for sending the items, great product

  89. Avatar Of Angelina F. Law

    Angelina F. Law (verified owner)

    2nd time using the creme, first time out worked so good. This time around it worked but the numbing didn’t last as long I reapplied and I was good.. I will continue to use the creme , it does minimize the pain ..

  90. Avatar Of Viola E. Depew

    Viola E. Depew (verified owner)

    I applied the cream as instructed & didn’t feel anything for atleast 3 hours while being tattood

  91. Avatar Of Della P. Shelby

    Della P. Shelby (verified owner)

    Amazing product! I was SO nervous about my first tattoo, because I have a very low pain tolerance. I literally fell asleep during the process because I felt absolutely no pain! Just ordered 2 more tubes for my next tattoo!

  92. Avatar Of Deborah M. Young

    Deborah M. Young (verified owner)

    I got this done a few days ago completely pain free! Never felt anything and it’s amazing. I didn’t even know they began the tattoo until I heard the buzzing of the machine. This is the 4th one I’ve done using the cream and I would 100% recommend

  93. Avatar Of Austin T. Hubbard

    Austin T. Hubbard (verified owner)

    This shit rocks lasted 3 1/2 hours definitely getting more.

  94. Avatar Of Jennifer J. Williams

    Jennifer J. Williams (verified owner)

    This stuff works amazing!! But my session lasted 3-4 hours the first 3 hours couldn’t feel a thing!! But by the 4th hour It started to wear off but it was almost finished so I could handle alil of the pain. But I’m impressed it lasted as long as it did! Definitely ordering more

  95. Avatar Of Trent R. Rodriquez

    Trent R. Rodriquez (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Wisconsin in Madison. Original product with authenticity seal

  96. Avatar Of Timothy T. Smith

    Timothy T. Smith (verified owner)

    A didn’t feel a THING. Feel like the shot you get at the dentist lol ordering two more tubes tonight to finish my next the 26th. Only issue I have is the tubes are very very small.. wish they were bigger tbh but that’s the only tweak I have

  97. Avatar Of Margaret M. Zacharias

    Margaret M. Zacharias (verified owner)

    I got a full sleeve done and I did not feel a damn thing I love this cream

  98. Avatar Of Raymond J. Diaz

    Raymond J. Diaz (verified owner)

    In the shop House of pain and the tattoo artist seals tell us about the product and it’s a winner 0 pain

  99. Avatar Of Ted C. Jones

    Ted C. Jones (verified owner)

    Had a 3-1/2 hour tattoo session almost pain free on back and ribs.

  100. Avatar Of Andrew B. Krom

    Andrew B. Krom (verified owner)

    Works great!!

  101. Avatar Of Frida M. Andreasen

    Frida M. Andreasen (verified owner)


  102. Avatar Of Pancho Magana Vigil

    Pancho Magana Vigil (verified owner)

    Más de 4 horas sin dolor

  103. Avatar Of Miel Van Den Dobbelsteen

    Miel van den Dobbelsteen (verified owner)

    Geweldig product

  104. Avatar Of Angela K. Parker

    Angela K. Parker (verified owner)

    I had to ask my tattoo artist if he started tattooing yet because I honestly couldn’t even feel a thing. I will never get another tattoo again without using this numbing cream!

  105. Avatar Of Michelle G. Redus

    Michelle G. Redus (verified owner)


  106. Avatar Of ตั่งโอ สุวรรณธาดา

    ตั่งโอ สุวรรณธาดา (verified owner)


  107. Avatar Of Eduarda Costa Melo

    Eduarda Costa Melo (verified owner)

    melhor produto!

  108. Avatar Of Cynthia D. Swain

    Cynthia D. Swain (verified owner)

    I tried this cream out just to know what to tell my clients (if it works or not) and I was amazed! I done the above tattoo using it and he was on Facebook the entire time and did not complain, move, or need any breaks. That’s honestly my favorite part about it, as an artist you don’t need to worry about someone taking it good or not. I highly recommend this for artist and anyone needing ink!

  109. Avatar Of Evelyn J. Parker

    Evelyn J. Parker (verified owner)

    Fantastic!!! Will be a returning customer !!!!

  110. Avatar Of Stefan Fiedler

    Stefan Fiedler (verified owner)

    Arbeit 100%

  111. Avatar Of Jennifer M. Bryan

    Jennifer M. Bryan (verified owner)

    This was my 5th tatt. I always loved the art hated the pain. I saw this add pop up on IG and to be honest I was suspect at first.. but the price point wasn’t bad so I took a chance. It took a little while to arrive but the customer service on WHATS APP was phenomenal as far as keeping me in the loop. When it did arrive I was amped up! My kit came with the goo and two numbing tubes! Still a little suspicious didn’t know if it would work but I followed the instructions to the T and when I sat in the chair, WOW, for the first time ever, I felt no pain. Now let me be transparent, you will feel the needles but not the pain! Even had another person sitting next to me bitting there lip moaning while I sat there and watched a movie on my phone. They looked at me like I was crazy and said “hey man what you on, I need some of that”… I said nope it’s the TKTX Numbing Cream! This is a Great product I will never sit in the chair without it.. I’ll stock up on this cream like toilet paper for the next few tatts so I’ll be ready!

    Thanks TKTX Numbing Cream!!

  112. Avatar Of Benito A. Arrington

    Benito A. Arrington (verified owner)

    I was very unsure ! But once I got and tried I’m amazed That’s why I’m on here again to buy a few more so I can finish my chest pc !

  113. Avatar Of Umberto Rizzo

    Umberto Rizzo (verified owner)

    Fantastico prodotto

  114. Avatar Of Irene G. Thresher

    Irene G. Thresher (verified owner)

    Works wonders and I do not do pain well AT ALL. I got my fourth and fifth tattoos in one night. I almost passed out from the pain of the tattoo on the back of my thigh ( tattoo was done in less than 8 mins but the way) . Then I used this cream before we did the tattoo on the front of my other thigh ( took about an hour). I was laughing during the second tattoo because it tickled. No pain at all!!! And not sure why shipping sucked for so many others. I got my order in 6 days. Thanks TKTX.

  115. Avatar Of Joseph D. Owen

    Joseph D. Owen (verified owner)

    Applied 90 mins prior to session, felt nothing for almost 2 hrs, started to feel some tingling minor pain after 2 hrs, re applied and waited for 25 mins, felt nothing for the rest of session, about 2 hrs

  116. Avatar Of Melina D. Norton

    Melina D. Norton (verified owner)

    Easiest tattoo I have ever gotten! Love this cream !!

  117. Avatar Of Blanche J. Perez

    Blanche J. Perez (verified owner)

    It’s a little tattoo but a very sensitive area… and I’m wimpy haha but I didn’t feel a damn thing! I’ve used this numbing cream for my last 4 tattoos! Love it

  118. Avatar Of Curt B. Anderson

    Curt B. Anderson (verified owner)

    feel nothing

  119. Avatar Of Samuel M. Norris

    Samuel M. Norris (verified owner)

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  120. Avatar Of Gaby Espinal Otero

    Gaby Espinal Otero (verified owner)

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    Mark K. Newquist (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Nebraska in Lincoln. Original product with authenticity seal

  122. Avatar Of Glenda I. Morris

    Glenda I. Morris (verified owner)

    THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! I thought these reviews were fake and that this shit was phony but it is truly a life changer. I can’t handle the pain like I did when I was younger and I was actually able to fucking nap during my session. It just felt like vibration on my skin. I already bought more for next time. Buy it and put it on right and you won’t regret it.

  123. Avatar Of Lewis M. Taylor

    Lewis M. Taylor (verified owner)

    Best thing ever must definitely get it again.. I feel nothing omg great thing ever. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE

  124. Avatar Of Jeffrey L. Rader

    Jeffrey L. Rader (verified owner)

    Had my ringletted hair angel and her name Airlie tattooed in a just under 3 hour sitting. I put the cream on a little later then planned but it worked a treat anyway. Highly recommend. About to buy another 2 tubes for my next few tattoos .

  125. Avatar Of Sara M. Lloyd

    Sara M. Lloyd (verified owner)

    I have about 50 tattoos, My last one I used this cream an never again will I get a tattoo without it

  126. Avatar Of Joseph S. Bennett

    Joseph S. Bennett (verified owner)

    I have used this product for several tattoos now with great results.

  127. Avatar Of Donald J. Jones

    Donald J. Jones (verified owner)

    Completely numbed my whole are for a cover up! Well worth it!

  128. Avatar Of Irvin C. Ansari

    Irvin C. Ansari (verified owner)

    3 months ago I started this new tattoo project, a full back. I’ve had tattoos done before but nothing of that size. I was really excited about the whole experience but also very anxious about the long sessions ahead of me. The tattoo artist I was working with suggested to get a numbing cream to help and then I saw this add on Instagram for ‘The Tattoo Numbing Cream’. The reviews were unanimous about its results. So I decided to give it try and honestly it’s been the best decision I’ve made so far!!! It really works wonders and makes the session so easy. Of course, there are moments where you do feel a little bit of the needles, but its nothing in comparison with when I was getting tattooed without using numbing cream. The project is 5 sessions long, each session between 4,5 hours to 5,5 hours and its been going great, thanks to this cream. There is still one more session to go! It’s very easy to use but it’s crucial to follow the instructions very closely! I definitely recommend this cream and will continue using it for any future tatttoo session I have!

  129. Avatar Of James F. Rubio

    James F. Rubio (verified owner)

    Wouldnt have sat through full session can’t recommend enough!

  130. Avatar Of Jennifer J. Cabello

    Jennifer J. Cabello (verified owner)

    This cream works a dream. I have had 2 large tattoos done using this cream my back & sternum & it was pain-free

  131. Avatar Of Mary B. Beck

    Mary B. Beck (verified owner)

    I just love this now I can get the tattoos that I really want

  132. Avatar Of Loyd P. Graham

    Loyd P. Graham (verified owner)

    This cream does the job! My artist suggested it. It was a reasonable price. And easy to use.

  133. Avatar Of Suzanne J. Morales

    Suzanne J. Morales (verified owner)

    I used this product as described by others, which was to apply it and then cover it with saran wrap for an hour and a half. It felt a little weird at first but my skin was numb once I wiped it off. I then sat for a three hour coverup and never felt anything. My artist did also use lidocaine spray, which may have helped as well. I will definitely be using this again!

  134. Avatar Of Leonardo Cunha Silva

    Leonardo Cunha Silva (verified owner)

    Nota 10/10

  135. Avatar Of Robert B. Folse

    Robert B. Folse (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel nothing at all. I was surprised how good it worked. But after the numbing creme Wore off I could feel it. But over all I still have some for my cover up and my leg. Only part I didn’t like I had to wait 2 months to get it. Thanks you

  136. Avatar Of Rosa A. Patten

    Rosa A. Patten (verified owner)

    i get 2 tats a month this one was third this month no pain artist kilt it.. 1 break to pee

  137. Avatar Of Lester M. Downer

    Lester M. Downer (verified owner)

    Did not feel a thing for 5 hours

  138. Avatar Of Renata Bilić

    Renata Bilić (verified owner)

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  139. Avatar Of Heather M. Raby

    Heather M. Raby (verified owner)

    The cream works really well, any pain, just feeling the vibration of the machine, I’ll keep using it

  140. Avatar Of Sandra R. Breit

    Sandra R. Breit (verified owner)

    I love the products I have gotten 5 tattoos with the numbing creams can’t feel a thing. I’m ordering more

  141. Avatar Of Stephan Maurer

    Stephan Maurer (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Saarbrücken. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  142. Avatar Of Helen L. Bowers

    Helen L. Bowers (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE! I love tattoos but I don’t crave the pain. This tattoo was a breeze. I can’t wait to get my next one. This cream is the best thing since sliced bread!!

  143. Avatar Of Walter B. Simpson

    Walter B. Simpson (verified owner)

    Got a tattoo today on the back of my leg on my calf. I can tell where I forgot to put the cream because those spot I really felt. But outside of that was amazing. Will be getting more for next tattoos.

  144. Avatar Of Craig E. Granberry

    Craig E. Granberry (verified owner)

    My Tat artist said I have the weakest pain threshold hes ever seen and hes been arnd for 20+ yrs. Started using Emla cream 4yrs ago and it helped a lot but nothing like the Numbing Cream Co. Your cream allowed me to sit with no pain for the first 3 hours then I cld feel it but not even close to what all my other tats felt like. I’m now getting one tattoo month for the next 12 months and finish shit up! Thx.

  145. Avatar Of Robert K. Gomez

    Robert K. Gomez (verified owner)

    The green tube is by far the best I have used in my practice. Excellent!

  146. Avatar Of Maureen De Chateaub

    Maureen de Chateaub (verified owner)

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  147. Avatar Of 岩舘 梅子

    岩舘 梅子 (verified owner)


  148. Avatar Of Mary R. Pak

    Mary R. Pak (verified owner)

    I felt almost no needle just a slight burn after it was done

  149. Avatar Of Sherryl T. Hoffman

    Sherryl T. Hoffman (verified owner)

    It was amazing didn’t feel a thing got my whole back done and two sessions and my ribs as well and everybody knows that the ribs is very sensitive area I was drinking coffee when I was getting my ribs done that stuff is amazing dynamic cream is the way to go

  150. Avatar Of Nicole C. Harris

    Nicole C. Harris (verified owner)

    Definitely works❤️

  151. Avatar Of Pablo K. Marek

    Pablo K. Marek (verified owner)

    Best investment 4 hour tattoo, didn’t feel it and stayed numb even after.

  152. Avatar Of Mary K. Morales

    Mary K. Morales (verified owner)

    This stuff is the TRUTH! This was my 9th tattoo and literally didn’t feel anything, line, shading, wiping. It was great! Would purchase again x1000!

  153. Avatar Of Danny J. Hutchins

    Danny J. Hutchins (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Novo México in Santa Fé. Original product with authenticity seal

  154. Avatar Of Linda C. Poppe

    Linda C. Poppe (verified owner)

    This stuff is legit !

  155. Avatar Of Charles S. Dalessio

    Charles S. Dalessio (verified owner)

    The pain that I felt when getting tattoos was almost unbearable for me lol. I’m not the best with pain but omg, this numbing cream was one of the best decisions ever!! This tattoo took about 2-2 1/2 hours and I didn’t feel a thing. It was amazing!! I will definitely use this cream for all of my future tattoos. 10/10 Recommend!!

  156. Avatar Of Bouwina Sieders

    Bouwina Sieders (verified owner)

    Ik hield van deze verdovende crème

  157. Avatar Of Geoffrey S. Marshall

    Geoffrey S. Marshall (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Dakota do Norte in Bismarck. Original product with authenticity seal

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    Michael D. Taylor (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Nevada in Carson City. Original product with authenticity seal

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  160. Avatar Of Golden Agapova

    Golden Agapova (verified owner)

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  161. Avatar Of Kathleen A. Mckinney

    Kathleen A. McKinney (verified owner)

    6 hours total and 2 hours in we use this product and could not feel anything at all it is wonderful

  162. Avatar Of Alfred M. Prunty

    Alfred M. Prunty (verified owner)

    Buy this stuff! I never leave reviews and was skeptical at all the positivity but I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t listen to all the people saying “ pain is part of the process.” I have a full sleeve, half sleeve, rib cage and calf work done , all with no cream, and if I knew about this stuff, I would’ve used it long ago. YOU LITERALLY FEEL NOTHING! Even my artist was impressed and the quality of the work was not impacted at all. The shop I use is talking about stocking it bc it’s so effective. One small tube will numb about the area of your hand for 4 hours. Follow application directions and you’ll have the most pleasant tattoo experience ever. Order well ahead though as it took over two weeks to arrive to my house in the US.

  163. Avatar Of Lisa Dietrich

    Lisa Dietrich (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Munique. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  164. Avatar Of Elizabeth W. Westling

    Elizabeth W. Westling (verified owner)

    I couldn’t believe how well this actually works. I got mine shaded and only took an hour n a half didn’t feel a thing so amazing. Definitely will be buying more.

  165. Avatar Of Geraldine R. Thompson

    Geraldine R. Thompson (verified owner)

    This numbing cream is fantastic and really works. I had this tattoo done on my stomach and did not feel a thing
    I highly recommend this numbing cream. I will continue to order and use again with my next tattoo.

  166. Avatar Of Katherine S. Mills

    Katherine S. Mills (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel a thing!

  167. Avatar Of Lois D. Workman

    Lois D. Workman (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the effectiveness of the cream so far .

  168. Avatar Of Heather J. Seto

    Heather J. Seto (verified owner)

    I put it on an hour before I had my tattoo appointment and when I got there I had to wait an hour due to unforeseen circumstances and then I sat there for an 4+ hour session on my inner bicep and I didn’t feel a thing the whole time. I highly recommend this cream

  169. Avatar Of Kelley R. Taylor

    Kelley R. Taylor (verified owner)

    I felt absolutely nothing while getting this done! Highly recommend and will be using again!

  170. Avatar Of ประดับ คำหล้าแก้ว

    ประดับ คำหล้าแก้ว (verified owner)


  171. Avatar Of Nicolas Rocha Ferreira

    Nicolas Rocha Ferreira (verified owner)

    Tatuagem sem dor!

  172. Avatar Of Janina Ebersbacher

    Janina Ebersbacher (verified owner)

    Super Service, schneller Versand

  173. Avatar Of Patricia D. Fabre

    Patricia D. Fabre (verified owner)

    So i ordered directly from the main supplier being out of stock everywhere. The box came on time and all included items intact with authentic labels. Will order again for sure.

  174. Avatar Of Alma M. Howard

    Alma M. Howard (verified owner)

    Worked great. Too long of shipping time. Hear you can get it shipped faster From Canada. Did the whole outline in tattoo. Never felt anything

  175. Avatar Of Alex D. Roeder

    Alex D. Roeder (verified owner)

    I love this numbing cream will definitely order again

  176. Avatar Of Ira J. Hampton

    Ira J. Hampton (verified owner)

    Meus clientes ficam muito mais confortáveis ​​durante os procedimentos

  177. Avatar Of Curtis D. Bennett

    Curtis D. Bennett (verified owner)

    I’ve used a couple of different numbing creams before but none ever worked. This cream was recommended by my very talented tattoo artist and it is AMAZING. I sat for about 3 1/2 hours but my leg was numb for a good 8 hours! I will be using this for every tattoo I have in the future and recommend everyone do the same!

  178. Avatar Of Anthony P. Conner

    Anthony P. Conner (verified owner)

    Omg!!!!!!! Best stuff ever, didn’t feel a thing.

  179. Avatar Of Ashley J. Dunning

    Ashley J. Dunning (verified owner)

    I had got a huge thigh piece done (~8hrs in one sitting), and this stuff saved me!

  180. Avatar Of Janie R. Neel

    Janie R. Neel (verified owner)

    Put it on an hour before. Say through almost 3 hours. Didn’t feel a THING!!

  181. Avatar Of Alberte N. Toft

    Alberte N. Toft (verified owner)


  182. Avatar Of Majdy Rasil Safar

    Majdy Rasil Safar (verified owner)

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  183. Avatar Of Lynn R. Scherrer

    Lynn R. Scherrer (verified owner)

    From now on I will be using this numbing cream for all my tattoos. I sat thru my whole session and didn’t feel nothing at all. I’m usually skeptical about ordering products like these because I never think they work but I was proven wrong. Best investment I made lol I love it

  184. Avatar Of Hua Ting

    Hua Ting (verified owner)


  185. Avatar Of Sherri M. Danner

    Sherri M. Danner (verified owner)

    I use this for PMU eyeliner and my clients fall asleep during procedure!

  186. Avatar Of Alfred J. Maclean

    Alfred J. Maclean (verified owner)

    Very good, original product

  187. Avatar Of Nicole B. Fife

    Nicole B. Fife (verified owner)

    Omg this stuff is amazing!!! I didn’t feel a thing and I am the biggest baby when it comes to pain. I put it on and let it sit for two hours with wrap around it and honestly was the best tattoo experience I have ever had. Already ordered more

  188. Avatar Of Lilly Jonassen

    Lilly Jonassen (verified owner)

    Den smertestillende effekten varer i flere timer

  189. Avatar Of Joseph L. Salas

    Joseph L. Salas (verified owner)

    Used the cream for this cover up. Had 2 sessions used it each time. Didn’t feel any pain and each session was about 2 1/2 hours long. Definitely recommend and already order more

  190. Avatar Of Kenneth M. Mcreynolds

    Kenneth M. McReynolds (verified owner)

    I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly! I would of not been able to get my tattoo without it. The cream lasted for about 6 hours. I will always be using this cream from now on.

  191. Avatar Of Joyce R. Schroeder

    Joyce R. Schroeder (verified owner)

    Can’t think of getting tattooed without the TKTX Numb cream. Don’t feel anything and can be enjoyed without pain :))

  192. Avatar Of Sarah B. Collins

    Sarah B. Collins (verified owner)

    I used this cream on my upper foot/ ankle and I couldn’t not feel q thing still 9 hours later. Was amazing and looking forward to using next time!!!

  193. Avatar Of Monica B. Resendez

    Monica B. Resendez (verified owner)

    This cream is amazing!! Didn’t feel anything while I was getting tattooed!! I highly recommend it.

  194. Avatar Of Anne H. Stoll

    Anne H. Stoll (verified owner)

    Omg amazing sat for 3 hours never felt a thing i have ordered more to get my full leg finished

  195. Avatar Of Lars Nilsson

    Lars Nilsson (verified owner)

    Det fungerer perfekt! Jeg vil bestille igjen!

  196. Avatar Of Steven K. Casados

    Steven K. Casados (verified owner)

    Oh. My. NO PAIN!!!! I am a little (for lack of a better word) baby- when it comes to any size tattoo at any place on my body. And I have plenty in different spots. So I had to finally try something. When I used this as directed- I almost fell asleep getting this back tattoo! Usually I would have cried the whole time and yelled in pain! (Trust me my artists don’t love tattooing me) but now I’m so ready to get more and finish all my ideas I want! 10/10 recommend this product. It actually works.

  197. Avatar Of Romeo I. Walls

    Romeo I. Walls (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Virgínia in Richmond. Original product with authenticity seal

  198. Avatar Of Wilma J. Matthews

    Wilma J. Matthews (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Rhode Island in Providence. Original product with authenticity seal

  199. Avatar Of Beatriz Pereira Souza

    Beatriz Pereira Souza (verified owner)

    Produto com selo. ótimo

  200. Avatar Of William V. Deluca

    William V. Deluca (verified owner)

    This stuff is the best! I sat for two consecutive days with a few re-applications and had absolutely no problem. I was able to fully relax both days knowing I wouldn’t feel a thing. I also used it on my ribs a while back and was good for a 5 hour session.

  201. Avatar Of Jorge C. Montgomery

    Jorge C. Montgomery (verified owner)

    I got this tattoo half of it using the cream half not so we could test if the tattoo numbing cream actually effected the tattooing process. We did not notice a difference in time it took to complete so now and forever I will use this on my projects I felt absolutely nothing on the parts that were numb!!

  202. Avatar Of Fanette Gaulin

    Fanette Gaulin (verified owner)

    Angschtlos Tattoo

  203. Avatar Of Anne-Lise M. Overgaard

    Anne-Lise M. Overgaard (verified owner)

    Jeg elskede!

  204. Avatar Of Stevie S. Light

    Stevie S. Light (verified owner)

    This stuff really works !! I was a little nervous at first and scared that It wouldn’t work but this stuff really works!! I got my full spine tattoo and I didn’t feel a thing! I was watching netflix and hulu my whole tattoo session, best numbing cream ever !!!!!

  205. Avatar Of Richard S. Mance

    Richard S. Mance (verified owner)

    No pain but a lot of gain love the tattoo

  206. Avatar Of Daniel V. Grindle

    Daniel V. Grindle (verified owner)

    Trust this product! It’s amazing, I wouldn’t have lasted through a 4.5 hour chin tattoo without it. Thank You!

  207. Avatar Of Lubanah Qadriyah Awad

    Lubanah Qadriyah Awad (verified owner)

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  208. Avatar Of Eve D. Jones

    Eve D. Jones (verified owner)

    the best anesthetic cream I’ve used lately, very good and easy to spread with the advice of the tattoo artist

  209. Avatar Of Lisa R. Hall

    Lisa R. Hall (verified owner)

    I used the green tube for a tattoo that covered my entire throat, I literally didnt feel anything. Takes about 45min to fully get numbed but once its numb you won’t feel a thing

  210. Avatar Of Phyllis S. Mcarthur

    Phyllis S. McArthur (verified owner)

    Game changer! Didn’t feel a thing! Best thing ever!

  211. Avatar Of Mac A. Siegel

    Mac A. Siegel (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Alabama in Montgomery. Original product with authenticity seal

  212. Avatar Of Melvin C. Mills

    Melvin C. Mills (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Tennessee in Nashville. Original product with authenticity seal

  213. Avatar Of Regina T. Blomberg

    Regina T. Blomberg (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a thing. Has to look down to make sure he was actually tattooing me

  214. Avatar Of Tina D. Privette

    Tina D. Privette (verified owner)


  215. Avatar Of 平野 桐子

    平野 桐子 (verified owner)


  216. Avatar Of Arnold C. Cobb

    Arnold C. Cobb (verified owner)

    Love this cream no pain at all I will be buying more salute to TattooNumbingCream for this awesome product that makes getting ink painless.

  217. Avatar Of Hua Ch'Iu

    Hua Ch’iu (verified owner)


  218. Avatar Of Monique K. Smith

    Monique K. Smith (verified owner)

    Just got my neck done today! This stuff is great! Just follow the instructions and enjoy your session!

  219. Avatar Of Roger M. Frisbie

    Roger M. Frisbie (verified owner)

    Great stuff I use it every time

  220. Avatar Of Alaine Bordeaux

    Alaine Bordeaux (verified owner)

    Dat Bescht

  221. Avatar Of Robert A. Wyatt

    Robert A. Wyatt (verified owner)

    great product super numb

  222. Avatar Of Eric H. Milligan

    Eric H. Milligan (verified owner)

    Well i ordered this to finish my sleeve and my gf stole it for her sleeve and thigh tattoo. She said it worked GREAT so much so that after her first session on the thigh piece she re applied the numbing cream and her lips and tongue went numb when it was applied to broken skin. The tube was smaller than i anticipated but she was able to get about 10 1/2 hours worth of work done across 3 sessions with my single tube. We will DEFINITELY be buying more!

  223. Avatar Of Jeffrey J. Hubbard

    Jeffrey J. Hubbard (verified owner)

    Great product ! It really does work .. you can’t feel anything!

  224. Avatar Of Leslie T. Ponder

    Leslie T. Ponder (verified owner)

    This cream is amazing!!! I didn’t feel a thing. I have many tattoo and I am going to tell you this is an amazing product!

  225. Avatar Of Lorenzo J. Bradley

    Lorenzo J. Bradley (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome! Really works!

  226. Avatar Of William S. Rivera

    William S. Rivera (verified owner)

    i’ve used a dozen tubes so far. i can’t tell you how effective bud stuff is, you must try it. Follow instruction exactly as stated and voila no more pain baby

  227. Avatar Of Carol M. Barfield

    Carol M. Barfield (verified owner)

    Literally feel asleep while they did the outline of my half sleeve. This product was amazing. Just remember to clean it off when they start the tattoo. It will leave a rash if not cleaned properly.

  228. Avatar Of Alberto S. Tello

    Alberto S. Tello (verified owner)

    Couldn’t feel a thing !! Was perfect for my first ever tattoo session

  229. Avatar Of Jack L. Bray

    Jack L. Bray (verified owner)

    This numbing cream works so good I used it for the tattoo on my side and I’m planning on getting it again because I couldn’t feel anything literally!! Make sure to use the whole tube when getting a big tattoo on the area to be fully numb and it doesn’t even hurt after the tattoo is done and the numbing cream has worn off

  230. Avatar Of Ambrose C. West

    Ambrose C. West (verified owner)

    1 tube pour toute la pièce. Pas de douleur pendant 3h15. Cette crème m’a fait passer un. On moment

  231. Avatar Of Kevin N. Dishon

    Kevin N. Dishon (verified owner)

    Game changer. Embarked on my sleeve journey with this stuff- 4 sittings so far and have used it for each. Sat for 2-3 hours each time and it has worked great. Pay attention to application directions as it definitely makes a difference- when one spot gets worked on for awhile its effects do fade but still 100000x better than not using it at all. Just bought 5 more tubes and have recommended to lots of my friends- even my tattoo artist recommends it and uses it. Great stuff, thanks for making such a great product!!

  232. Avatar Of Robbie T. Detweiler

    Robbie T. Detweiler (verified owner)

    Absolutely cannot rate this stuff enough! I was definitely one of those sceptical people but wow was I wrong! Applied 90 mins before my session on my half sleeve and boom… arm was completely numb! Lasted a good few hours and let me nap after a night shift whilst creating my new masterpiece Already bought more and using to finish off my piece today! Definitely will purchase again in future

  233. Avatar Of Michelle W. Olson

    Michelle W. Olson (verified owner)

    Dude totally pain free, buying more right now

  234. Avatar Of Urbano Lucchese

    Urbano Lucchese (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Parma. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  235. Avatar Of Rosita Palermo

    Rosita Palermo (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Pistoia. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  236. Avatar Of Mary W. Moore

    Mary W. Moore (verified owner)

    I had my cousin tattoo my stomach and cover up my big scar from my surgery . I love this products and will continue to order . The cream lasted on me up to 5 hours

  237. Avatar Of Richard G. Whitman

    Richard G. Whitman (verified owner)

    I have SEVERAL tattoos in different spots. This is the first time I’ve used numbing cream and it WORKS! I will NEVER get another tattoo without it! I got 3 of my fingers tattooed as well and felt NOTHING! I’m telling you! I rate this product 20/10!

  238. Avatar Of Louis A. Moore

    Louis A. Moore (verified owner)

    Leaving yet a second review! After my first experience with the numbing cream I decided to add on to another tattoo and the second time around didn’t disappoint. My recommendation is to make sure you cover more than how large you think the tattoo will be. I had a certain size in mind and didn’t cover as much and felt a little in those 2 spots but know I would not have felt anything had I covered those areas. Can’t wait to add to my other tattoo. None of this would be possible without this cream.

  239. Avatar Of Mathias C. Johansen

    Mathias C. Johansen (verified owner)

    Jeg kunne lide!

  240. Avatar Of Vaughn T. Gammon

    Vaughn T. Gammon (verified owner)

    I love this numbing and so do my clients

  241. Avatar Of Leonard C. Whitaker

    Leonard C. Whitaker (verified owner)

    I was terrified about the pain when I got my first tattoo! But this stuff legitimately works! I only felt occasional lights scratches (maybe 4 times during the entire tattooing). Couldn’t recommend more.

  242. Avatar Of Billie F. Oswalt

    Billie F. Oswalt (verified owner)

    Honestly the best numbing cream I’ve tried. I quite literally couldn’t feel anything my artist was doing when we used this for our last session. My calf was the worst pain rated tattoo I have and that’s really saying something so being able to say that this amazing.

  243. Avatar Of Georgette G. Federico

    Georgette G. Federico (verified owner)

    I am sold on this numbing cream. I have tried other creams, but this takes the cake. I applied it 1.5 hours before my tattoo session which lasted approximately 4 hours and it held on good. I strongly recommend it.

  244. Avatar Of Oliver L. Wix

    Oliver L. Wix (verified owner)

    I followed the instructions on the bottle and I was able to get my entire kneecap tattooed and feel NOTHING. THANK YOU TKTX

  245. Avatar Of James M. Morgan

    James M. Morgan (verified owner)

    My first stomach sitting was a nightmare, 2 hours and only got line work done. With the cream sat for 3 hours with very little breaks and hardly any pain and did way more then line work. 15/10 would recommend over and over again!

  246. Avatar Of Edwin D. Ramirez

    Edwin D. Ramirez (verified owner)

    2nd time using this cream it’s ace didn’t feel a thing, wish I had known about it for my other 16!

  247. Avatar Of Maria K. Beltran

    Maria K. Beltran (verified owner)

    Absolute miracle cream, from start to finish the cream worked wonders for me. I have already bought more to finish off my tattoo. Would highly recommend.

  248. Avatar Of Latoya N. Hughes

    Latoya N. Hughes (verified owner)

    Well I was skeptical at buying this but I’ll say it’s legit. Zero pain it’s a game changer

  249. Avatar Of Emile J. Christoffersen

    Emile J. Christoffersen (verified owner)

    Bestilling til en tatovering fungerer strålende

  250. Avatar Of Chris A. Simmons

    Chris A. Simmons (verified owner)

    I decided to give it a try since all the reviews were great! I got more of my tattoo done yesterday and I only put the cream on one part of my body just to see if I could feel the difference and Oh my gosh! Did I!!!! I felt absolutely nothing where I put the cream! Now where I didn’t put the cream, I felt horrible pain lol! I love this stuff and I will definitely use it forever! Also the cream listed the entire 4 hours I was getting my work done!

  251. Avatar Of Faye Carrillo

    Faye Carrillo (verified owner)

    Nothing is working better than this stuff!

  252. Avatar Of Marie M. Burchfield

    Marie M. Burchfield (verified owner)

    Absolutely works! Worked as advertised. Follow directions and it will work for you!!

  253. Avatar Of สุโสนวรรณ สุขวารี

    สุโสนวรรณ สุขวารี (verified owner)

    เกรด 10/10

  254. Avatar Of Janet J. Montoya

    Janet J. Montoya (verified owner)

    This is my 5th tattoo using the cream and i have a tattoo session coming up and i just ordered 2 more tube it really work and will easily have you goung back for more tattoos

  255. Avatar Of Christine J. Butler

    Christine J. Butler (verified owner)

    I used it for the 2nd session on my forearm piece, I sat for 4.5, almost 5 hours. First time using it and it worked great. Was numb for 3.5 hours. I used 2 tubes on my forearm because of such a large area. Will definitely be purchasing again.

  256. Avatar Of E Cheng

    E Cheng (verified owner)


  257. Avatar Of Girolamo Palermo

    Girolamo Palermo (verified owner)

    Questa crema è fantastica

  258. Avatar Of Adam Bašić

    Adam Bašić (verified owner)

    Najbolja TKTX web stranica

  259. Avatar Of Bonnie J. Bowen

    Bonnie J. Bowen (verified owner)

    lasted about 3 to 4 hours, but it worked VERY well.

  260. Avatar Of Robin J. Norton

    Robin J. Norton (verified owner)

    My girlfriend is a big O baby when it comes to tattoos and me being a tattoo artist its nerve-racking to hear a client say that you are putting them in pain( and on top of that it’s someone you have to go home with..).this stuff is a game changer!! She took the whole tattoo and didn’t say a word.. Thanks guys yall made my life a little bit easier…

  261. Avatar Of Michael G. Davis

    Michael G. Davis (verified owner)

    Product that came was in perfect sealed condition and swift timing! Will order again

  262. Avatar Of Laura R. Powell

    Laura R. Powell (verified owner)

    It will take the edge off on clients that are hard to numb..

  263. Avatar Of Helen D. Perez

    Helen D. Perez (verified owner)

    This cream was recommended by my artist for my upper leg since he knows its a sensitive spot. Ive been getting tattoos for over 10 years and for the, longest time, I’ve refused to use numbing products. Needless to say after 2 fulls sleeves and countless other tattoos I thought what the heck. This stuff is AWESOME!!!! Didn’t feel a single thing for a 6 hour session that started at 1 pm. Also, didn’t feel anything until 3 am when I woke up. It HURT. But, I’ll defiantly use this again. Made my session more enjoyable and able to get more done because I didn’t need any breaks. Great product!!

  264. Avatar Of Ovidio Conti

    Ovidio Conti (verified owner)

    Ho adorato questa crema anestetica

  265. Avatar Of Cassandra S. Wheeler

    Cassandra S. Wheeler (verified owner)

    I love this numbing cream and I have since ordered 4 more! I literally didn’t feel a thing it worked so good. Call me a chicken oh well lol but I honestly don’t think I could’ve sat thru that one on my rib if I didn’t have the numbing cream.

  266. Avatar Of Russell J. Brown

    Russell J. Brown (verified owner)

    Omg I was so scared I’ll feel the pain but no I was totally surprised I didn’t feel a thing. I’ll be ordering more now love it. I got to finish my ta moko an it took 4 an half hours wif no pain WINNING!!!!!

  267. Avatar Of Barbara L. Nauman

    Barbara L. Nauman (verified owner)

    Best cream on the market !!! If applied correctly can have up to 8 hrs numb !! Definitely worth every cent !

  268. Avatar Of Elizabeth E. Mattice

    Elizabeth E. Mattice (verified owner)

    The product itself is bad ass and exactly what they claim! I’m fully covered and after a motorcycle accident and massive nerve damaged it was hard to sit. This works for 3hours easy! What sucks is that i wait 4 weeks for a product to come in.
    Gotta come up with a better international shipping option guys.
    5star for product!

  269. Avatar Of Shawn K. Neale

    Shawn K. Neale (verified owner)

    4 hour tattoo’ and this numbing cream did wonders!!!! Even though it says it last up to 3 hours, mine only last about 2 hours but I reapplied it and we continued. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

  270. Avatar Of Rita G. Rines

    Rita G. Rines (verified owner)

    PAIN FREE!! I love it !!

  271. Avatar Of Kimberly M. Mccoy

    Kimberly M. McCoy (verified owner)

    I have been getting tattoos for years I have a high tolerance for pain for a female. Using the Numbing cream I didn’t feel nothing crazy definitely will be purchasing more thank you.

  272. Avatar Of David A. Long

    David A. Long (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Califórnia in Sacramento. Original product with authenticity seal

  273. Avatar Of Lauren W. Soriano

    Lauren W. Soriano (verified owner)

    I didn’t expect it to be that good and it WAS. Great numbing power I tell everyone about. (I had to wait because of travel time) but it was well worth it.

  274. Avatar Of Dennis D. Driver

    Dennis D. Driver (verified owner)

    Amazing!! Didn’t feel anything for almost 4 hours!

  275. Avatar Of Yi Jie K'Ung

    Yi Jie K’ung (verified owner)

    它工作 100%

  276. Avatar Of Janis M. Pabon

    Janis M. Pabon (verified owner)

    Numbed it so it made it easy to sit there and relax

  277. Avatar Of Carrie L. Bullock

    Carrie L. Bullock (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Kansas in Topeka. Original product with authenticity seal

  278. Avatar Of Darcey R. Mcfarland

    Darcey R. McFarland (verified owner)

    I LOVE THIS STUFF!! Put it on about 30-45 minutes before tattooing and you won’t feel A THING!

  279. Avatar Of Sarah E. Ethier

    Sarah E. Ethier (verified owner)

    5 hour session for full arm sleeve and didn’t feel a thing , worked
    AMAZING !!!!!!!!!

  280. Avatar Of Benny K. Canto

    Benny K. Canto (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Mississippi in Jackson. Original product with authenticity seal

  281. Avatar Of Clarence P. Frame

    Clarence P. Frame (verified owner)

    I am really happy

  282. Avatar Of Eric P. Mora

    Eric P. Mora (verified owner)

    I felt absolutely nothing for 2 hours it took….

  283. Avatar Of Miyaz 'Asim Naifeh

    Miyaz ‘Asim Naifeh (verified owner)

    أنا أحب هذا الكريم

  284. Avatar Of Thomas E. Dolan

    Thomas E. Dolan (verified owner)

    This numbing cream is absolutely amazing it will numb the sh** out of you. I applied about an hour and a half before my session and it was completely numb for about 4 hours but DO NOT USE ON BROKEN SKIN! I put this stuff on part of a tattoo that I did not finish the day before and now the tatto had a pinkish tint to it. It looks like the cream soaked into the broken skin and when he tattooed over it it looks like the cream was tattooed in the ink and is leaving a weird pink tint on a lot of parts. On the skin that wasn’t broken there is no problem there. Will probably wait till it’s fully healed then have my artist go over the parts that look like that but other than that I would give it 5 stars. Just remember not to use on broken skin! Just load it up and suck it up to finish the session fully you won’t feel a thing

  285. Avatar Of Betty M. Freeman

    Betty M. Freeman (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Pensilvânia in Harrisburg. Original product with authenticity seal

  286. Avatar Of Evelyn Dias Barros

    Evelyn Dias Barros (verified owner)

    Produto muito bom. Os resultados são fantásticos

  287. Avatar Of Raymond R. Hicks

    Raymond R. Hicks (verified owner)

    Was slightly sceptical buying this(like a lot of people im sure) but i cant believe how well it works. I only used it once for my back but i regret not using it sooner. Would highly recommend this to anyone. 10/10.

  288. Avatar Of 笠原 舞

    笠原 舞 (verified owner)


  289. Avatar Of Dorothy B. Britton

    Dorothy B. Britton (verified owner)

    grade 10

  290. Avatar Of Matthew C. Louis

    Matthew C. Louis (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Connecticut in Hartford. Original product with authenticity seal

  291. Avatar Of Maik Fleischer

    Maik Fleischer (verified owner)

    Sehr gut!

  292. Avatar Of Karen D. Batz

    Karen D. Batz (verified owner)

    Worked great! Didn’t take the full 90mins to get numb. Only took me 60mins. First 2hrs fully numb. Last hour, the cream was wearing off in certain spots but not the whole tattoo. Overall, great product! Highly recommended!

  293. Avatar Of Muslih Miyaz Morcos

    Muslih Miyaz Morcos (verified owner)

    افعل ما تقول

  294. Avatar Of James A. Bernstein

    James A. Bernstein (verified owner)

    Originally ordered this for my outline session for my chest piece. Order was very very delayed so I didn’t have it for my first session which was annoying. Went in for color today and got to use it for the first time. Outstanding stuff. I will forever use this product as long as it is available. I have full sleeves on both arms and wish i had known about this sooner. The sit was so enjoyable and my artist absolutely loved the fact that he could just work and not have to worry about my comfort level. 10/10 would recommend!

  295. Avatar Of Maddy Buijk

    Maddy Buijk (verified owner)

    Deze crème is geweldig

  296. Avatar Of Bridget G. Harwell

    Bridget G. Harwell (verified owner)

    Felt next to nothing! Could easily have slept and not known I was being inked. Very happy

  297. Avatar Of Jessica C. Graham

    Jessica C. Graham (verified owner)

    I use this for my microblading clients and it’s perfect!!!

  298. Avatar Of Sandra D. Thompson

    Sandra D. Thompson (verified owner)

    I applied the cream 30 mins before the appointment and wrapped my arm to seal the numbing agent in: After all the line work and color I was still numb and could not feel any of the irritation or pain associated like any of my other tattoos. Highly recommend this product to all!!

  299. Avatar Of Patricia R. Rodriguez

    Patricia R. Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Couldn’t have worked more perfectly! Would recommend to any tattoo virgins!

  300. Avatar Of Kelly M. Blanton

    Kelly M. Blanton (verified owner)

    I wanted to try it out for a friend it worked awesome didn’t feel a thing just ordered 2 more tubes for friends

  301. Avatar Of Allen C. Culbreth

    Allen C. Culbreth (verified owner)

    Best numbing cream ever. It works miracle.

  302. Avatar Of Stephen C. Frost

    Stephen C. Frost (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Illinois in Springfield. Original product with authenticity seal

  303. Avatar Of Shawn M. Roach

    Shawn M. Roach (verified owner)


  304. Avatar Of Dawn J. Smith

    Dawn J. Smith (verified owner)

    I had the top of the tree done befor the lockdown. In July I was able to get the rest done. The top hurt like hell. My tattoo artist told me about your cream and that I should give it a try. What a difference. I fell asleep during our session because there was no pain. Thank you very much.

  305. Avatar Of Elton F. Pitts

    Elton F. Pitts (verified owner)

    Was very skeptical at first thinking this stuff wouldn’t work, I didn’t feel a thing. I will definitely be using this stuff for future tattoos.

  306. Avatar Of James F. Carey

    James F. Carey (verified owner)

    I love this cream I literally went to sleep while he was doin it! First time using it. I bought 3 tubes it’s amazing

  307. Avatar Of Jeremiah R. Martin

    Jeremiah R. Martin (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a thing In 3 hours

  308. Avatar Of Judith D. Wright

    Judith D. Wright (verified owner)

    It really work.. So good, No pain. I just lov it. Just try it your self. From a girl from Norway..

  309. Avatar Of Beth C. Smith

    Beth C. Smith (verified owner)

    Excelente crema la recomiendo 100%

  310. Avatar Of Mattie I. Saunders

    Mattie I. Saunders (verified owner)

    The last tattoo I had done by this same artist I was in so much pain that I was shaking uncontrollably. This time it was completely pain free! I even started falling asleep a couple of times. This numbing cream really works and I’m definitely ordering more!

  311. Avatar Of Rose T. Casey

    Rose T. Casey (verified owner)

    Product was amazing! I didn’t feel a thing! Awesome for my first tat cause I hate pain!

  312. Avatar Of James L. Pruitt

    James L. Pruitt (verified owner)

    It was fun using my clients love it I’ll be back to get more soon

  313. Avatar Of Jisk Stolk

    Jisk Stolk (verified owner)

    Ik shop altijd op deze site. erg goed!

  314. Avatar Of Norris B. Malone

    Norris B. Malone (verified owner)

    Had my ribs tattooed and I could of fallen asleep. Only way I know my artist was tattooing was I could feel my ribs vibrating ❤️

  315. Avatar Of Sonya H. Moore

    Sonya H. Moore (verified owner)

    It was so pain free that I fell asleep

  316. Avatar Of Julie E. Marks

    Julie E. Marks (verified owner)

    Hands down the best numbing agent on this planet! Im fooled cuz there has to be some medical stuff in that tiny tube because 2 hours after applying the cream my artist put the needle to skin. He started on my hip bone, yea ouch right???????? No F’n way didn feel any pain. I set a timer to test how long it will last, 7 hours 13 mins in i had to look at my timer because the cream was up i started to feel pain but still very little comparing. my body is almost complete except my stomach because ive always been scared of the area. It Honestly felt like when an artist is using kinda a rough marker when he is free handing the stencil on. Hands down i recommend!

  317. Avatar Of Joanna A. Gonzales

    Joanna A. Gonzales (verified owner)

    My customers love it. One customer has fibromyalgia. Another had breast cancer.

  318. Avatar Of Daniel F. Farris

    Daniel F. Farris (verified owner)

    Couldn’t feel a thing with this cream unbelievable stuff highly recommended 100% sat for 3hrs getting a tattoo and lasted the whole sitting !! will deffo be using this cream everytime does as it says painless tattoos are the way forward with this cream

  319. Avatar Of Ronald J. Fuentez

    Ronald J. Fuentez (verified owner)

    Works great don’t feel anything and get a great piece of art done without the pain!

  320. Avatar Of Candace C. Woods

    Candace C. Woods (verified owner)

    When I knew I was getting my octopus tattoo, I knew it was going to be painful because of it’s placement (ribs). I used an entire tube of Numbing cream on the entire area being tattooed, and as I was being tattooed, my artist and myself could not believe there was no pain. Like I didn’t feel a thing. I knew he was working on the area, but there was no feeling. I thought maybe it was too good to be true, and it would only last an hour or two, but it lasted the entire 5+ hours. The best part was when I was getting shading done, I felt absolutely NOTHING! I would highly recommend this cream to anyone getting a tattoo (Newbie or Pro) This cream has been made it bearable to sit through hours of intense tattooing. I even tried to sleep a little at my last session. My artist now offers tubes at his store because of my reviews and what he’s seen me go through.
    My artist is Luis from Puedmaginkpire
    Toronto, Ontario.

  321. Avatar Of Edward B. Butterfield

    Edward B. Butterfield (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant stuff!!! Couldn’t feel a thing

  322. Avatar Of Jody W. Posey

    Jody W. Posey (verified owner)

    Llloovveeeeddd this cream!! Was iffy at first about trying any numbing cream but was told about this one and had to try it. I didn’t feel a THING!! I recommend wrapping the area you’re going to tattoo and I recommend this cream to EVERYONE

  323. Avatar Of James P. Hernandez

    James P. Hernandez (verified owner)

    I had my fiancee use it while getting our daughter name and man he said it’s the truth..he ddnt feel anythang at all. We luv it so much 5 stars for sure it’s the only one that works like it does AMAZING

  324. Avatar Of Jessica C. Talbot

    Jessica C. Talbot (verified owner)

    Have been using this to finish up my sleeve. Have a lot of scar tissue from massive surgeries on my arm that are extremely sensitive. The cream made it very bearable to get done. 10/10 recommended

  325. Avatar Of Michelle N. Spears

    Michelle N. Spears (verified owner)

    Amazing cream! Had my knee tattooed and didn’t feel a thing! Total game changer! I’ve recommended it to everyone!

  326. Avatar Of Eric L. Walker

    Eric L. Walker (verified owner)

    No pain!! Very amaze!! I want more for ma next tattoo in 3 weeks

  327. Avatar Of Clare A. Tatom

    Clare A. Tatom (verified owner)

    Best numbing cream I’ve ever used! Would definitely recommend

  328. Avatar Of Casey N. Terry

    Casey N. Terry (verified owner)

    Used it here! Cream is amazing doing back next week with it.

  329. Avatar Of David B. Pritchard

    David B. Pritchard (verified owner)

    I basically slept for the first 1.5hrs. I love my ink and why should I suffer when we have such an incredible product to make it bearable for me and the artist has a still canvas to work with ❤

  330. Avatar Of Robert J. Talbot

    Robert J. Talbot (verified owner)

    Delivery works wonderfully, goods keep their promises.

  331. Avatar Of Sarah Schroeder

    Sarah Schroeder (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Ratisbona. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  332. Avatar Of Laurence Chalut

    Laurence Chalut (verified owner)

    Ech hu gär Tattooen mat dëser Narkosecrème

  333. Avatar Of Gertrude S. Sanchez

    Gertrude S. Sanchez (verified owner)

    Omg this stuff is amazing!! My very first tattoo and I didn’t feel any pain what so ever!! I have bought 12 tubes already! I’m telling you it’s the best stuff I am a wuss and was scared it wasn’t going to work but it absolutely does!!

  334. Avatar Of Daniel R. Strange

    Daniel R. Strange (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Geórgia in Atlanta. Original product with authenticity seal

  335. Avatar Of Kathyrn P. Emrich

    Kathyrn P. Emrich (verified owner)

    t numb hold for few hours.
    It nice to start a long hours tattoo.

  336. Avatar Of Charles A. Delisle

    Charles A. Delisle (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Missouri in Jefferson City. Original product with authenticity seal

  337. Avatar Of Wesley G. Beckett

    Wesley G. Beckett (verified owner)

    I really thought this would not work , I’m so speechless I’m so happy with this and love it so much oh my god , I put on the cream an hour before I went to the tattoo place and oh my god let me tell you! I was scared I told the girl to try a little dot on my back where the cream was and my I couldn’t feel A THING WHEN I MEAN A THING! Definitely will order more and more for my sleeve tattoo!

  338. Avatar Of Karen M. Dillard

    Karen M. Dillard (verified owner)

    1st time to use and so satisfying…

  339. Avatar Of Hilario D. Behnke

    Hilario D. Behnke (verified owner)


  340. Avatar Of William G. Lozier

    William G. Lozier (verified owner)

    This is amazing stuff. I loved it. Will def buy more. Very happy!!

  341. Avatar Of Judith S. Ward

    Judith S. Ward (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. 4 HOUR Tattoo on the ribcage. Absolutely no pain!! Applied again midway just to be safe. The tattooer was even impressed.

  342. Avatar Of Stuart L. Lynch

    Stuart L. Lynch (verified owner)

    It works on the painful spinal spots. Spots where you normally really don’t want to to dark.. yet I wanted to.
    It worked perfectly fine as just a thin layer, about 40 minutes before you reach the area to take the edge off.
    Other areas, where I smeared too much and waited long enough went completely numb, as advertised. It just feels a little weird to me, as I’m used to the pain and was expecting it’s little. The artist also needed to adjust, as he also anticipated a response to this work, concerning the depth of the needle. So be sure to inform the artist your are numbing!!!

    So ‘Kurze Rede lange Sinn’ it really does work! Sometimes a little too well. But I’m definitely ordering more, and use it again! This time to my UK address though, no longer the continent.

    Thanks, and love from Berlin!

  343. Avatar Of Douglas B. Alexander

    Douglas B. Alexander (verified owner)

    This was my 1st time trying this product and I wanted to try it before I let my son and daughter get their 1st tattoos. when I tell you I felt nothing I felt nothing this is such an amazing product I will recommend it to anyone

  344. Avatar Of Jessica W. Vaughn

    Jessica W. Vaughn (verified owner)

    Numbing cream works great! Customer service was on point. Will order again.

  345. Avatar Of Tamara D. Medford

    Tamara D. Medford (verified owner)

    3rd time using the cream, worked good every single time!

  346. Avatar Of Mary F. Brunson

    Mary F. Brunson (verified owner)


  347. Avatar Of Edward M. Brady

    Edward M. Brady (verified owner)

    Works Great!

  348. Avatar Of Melvina R. Goodman

    Melvina R. Goodman (verified owner)

    We like to order an other 50 pieces green TKTX 55%

  349. Avatar Of John E. Smith

    John E. Smith (verified owner)

    I obviously was skeptical with the product and decided to give it a shot on my back. I’ve put my time in with enduring the pain. This cream is a cheat code I’ll use every time. I didn’t feel a single thing.

  350. Avatar Of Sina A. Turner

    Sina A. Turner (verified owner)

    Was having a real tough time with this piece the first session so second one I used the cream and I felt very little to almost no discomfort definitely gonna use it again

  351. Avatar Of William L. French

    William L. French (verified owner)

    Didnt feel a thing doing this!

  352. Avatar Of Munir Matías Rosario

    Munir Matías Rosario (verified owner)

    Me encantó este producto

  353. Avatar Of Frida Muravyova

    Frida Muravyova (verified owner)

    лучший опыт

  354. Avatar Of David E. Franks

    David E. Franks (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Green 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Nova Hampshire in Concord. Original product with authenticity seal

  355. Avatar Of William D. Chrisman

    William D. Chrisman (verified owner)

    I received my cream wayyy faster than expected. It works as descibed, so I’m extremely happy with my purchase.

  356. Avatar Of Joshua J. Brown

    Joshua J. Brown (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant, very effective, I felt hardly anything when I had my tattoo

  357. Avatar Of Sylvester D. Crumb

    Sylvester D. Crumb (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff, didn’t feel a thing for 4 hours

  358. Avatar Of Bruno Martins Cunha

    Bruno Martins Cunha (verified owner)

    Muito Eficaz

  359. Avatar Of Tammy K. Piccirillo

    Tammy K. Piccirillo (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant just wish they would make a bigger tube

  360. Avatar Of Ashley A. Goodlett

    Ashley A. Goodlett (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant the first time I have used this and will always use it works 100% was numb for 4-5 hours

  361. Avatar Of Gladys W. Harris

    Gladys W. Harris (verified owner)

    Had a small chest tat done in a hot spot. My artist went to work as I read messages. No pain. Totally numb. This is a great product.

  362. Avatar Of Jason E. Jackson

    Jason E. Jackson (verified owner)

    My mom is 70 yrs old and got shingles . This cream is AMAZING!!! for the pain..you can hardly tell where her spots from shingles are bur the pain runs from the from of her stomach to her back…just a dab of this cream covers a good are and it lasts for a good while…I really want to thank the person that gave me that first tube..I have tried other creams on her and it just didn’t work…shingles is very painful and can last for weeks.

  363. Avatar Of William S. Tomlinson

    William S. Tomlinson (verified owner)

    I honestly thought this product might be a scam with paid reviews. Nope. This stuff is the real deal. My tattoo artist is heavy handed, so I could definitely still feel it but it was 75% more bearable (no pun intended) with this cream. This cream lasted a long time, 4 hours on my tattooed arm and all day on my non tattooed arm I tested it on. I no longer have to dread getting stabbed! Love this stuff.

  364. Avatar Of John B. King

    John B. King (verified owner)

    If it worked for me it will for you.. quality product here don’t miss out!

  365. Avatar Of Charlotte D. Epps

    Charlotte D. Epps (verified owner)

    Sat thru a 3 hour session and used about half a tube and surprisingly felt nothing! Not gonna lie i had my doubts but I’m amazed at the outcome and for sure gonna order some more.

  366. Avatar Of Bernice J. Thornton

    Bernice J. Thornton (verified owner)

    I no longer do tattoos without this product

  367. Avatar Of Jessie C. Minnick

    Jessie C. Minnick (verified owner)

    Felt nothing thanks so much great product

  368. Avatar Of Calínica Rosado Cisneros

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  369. Avatar Of Scott D. Parrett

    Scott D. Parrett (verified owner)

    Great product , it lasted for my whole tattoo. I will purchase again.!

  370. Avatar Of Harriette Moquin

    Harriette Moquin (verified owner)

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  371. Avatar Of Colin M. Kelly

    Colin M. Kelly (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel sh*t.. iv used 3 other brands and they were all a waste of money. I’ll be repurchasing this again very soon.

  372. Avatar Of Lynn G. Valentine

    Lynn G. Valentine (verified owner)

    Never had a Tatt b4 so decided to try this cream. It’s amazing. Tatt was completely painless. Defiantly buying some more ready for my next Tatt session.

  373. Avatar Of Xiang Hsu

    Xiang Hsu (verified owner)


  374. Avatar Of Randall A. Antonio

    Randall A. Antonio (verified owner)

    Was expecting to at least feel a little something, but I didn’t feel anything the whole time!! I’m shocked! Telling everyone already!! And my artist is getting some now too

  375. Avatar Of Nancy J. Gambino

    Nancy J. Gambino (verified owner)

    It took 3 hrs to do and I did not feel a thing.

  376. Avatar Of Onfroi Lauzier

    Onfroi Lauzier (verified owner)


  377. Avatar Of Margery L. Birkholz

    Margery L. Birkholz (verified owner)

    I was sooo skeptical before using this cream BUT it worked wonders! I cleaned and shaved the area, applied the cream, wrapped the area in plastic wrap and waited 90 minutes. The area stayed number for almost 4 hours. I will always use this cream when getting my tattoos.

  378. Avatar Of Marie R. Block

    Marie R. Block (verified owner)

    Awesome cream works well

  379. Avatar Of Carmen A. Berumen

    Carmen A. Berumen (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I didn’t find out about this product until I was on my last skull in my sleeve but for 4 and a half hours it worked great didn’t feel anything but my session was 5 hours and I can tell you that area of the arm is very painful.
    One other thing, if you open up to tube and it is brown in color don’t use it. It is supposed to be white in color.

  380. Avatar Of Gary C. Bell

    Gary C. Bell (verified owner)

    This stuff works 100% getting tattooed on my shin I genuinely thought no way but with this stuff I sat through a 3 hour session pain free

  381. Avatar Of Betty L. Felix

    Betty L. Felix (verified owner)

    I used this product on my very first face tattoo and dint feel a thing. Highly recommend this to everyone! I’m about to order 5 tunes since my fiance is a tattoo artist ill be needing it. Pain free sleeve here I come! Thank you TKTX Tattoo Numbing cream for saving my life!

  382. Avatar Of Donna W. Andre

    Donna W. Andre (verified owner)

    Fantastic product! I was very skeptical before my appointment, but followed the instructions and was extremely happy when the first line was done WITH NO PAIN. Ordering more for my other work without hesitation!

  383. Avatar Of George R. Toscano

    George R. Toscano (verified owner)

    The best cream!! 10/10!

  384. Avatar Of Aurelia Piazza

    Aurelia Piazza (verified owner)

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  385. Avatar Of Sharon A. Miller

    Sharon A. Miller (verified owner)

    This stuff was awesome…I couldn’t feel a thing even in the typical tough spots.

  386. Avatar Of Fien Joore

    Fien Joore (verified owner)

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  387. Avatar Of Manuel L. Foster

    Manuel L. Foster (verified owner)

    It worked great on the whole arm!