TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original

(219 customer reviews)

If you’re looking for an effective pain relief solution, TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original is the answer!
This numbing cream is a trusted and widely recognized choice for minimizing discomfort caused by cosmetic procedures, tattoos, laser hair removal and more.
This product is part of our company’s traditional line, consolidated on the market since 1996.
Its 55% anesthetic power is great for deep and long-lasting procedures.

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Welcome to the page TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream

Welcome to the official page of the tktx company. Here you will find all the information about this product. Discover the benefits and advantages of purchasing this product.

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Cream Properties

Discover the main elements of this product.

TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream is part of the traditional line of our ointments. Today its anesthetic power is considered long-lasting and profound.

Lidocaine 7%
Effect time (3 to 5 hours)
Anesthetic Strength 55%
Depth 100%
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Main Procedures

Discover the main procedures in which you can apply this product.


TKTX offers several benefits for those who want to get a tattoo, making the process more comfortable and pleasurable by reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the tattooing process.

Laser waxing

TKTX offers a significant benefit for people seeking hair removal procedures on various areas of the body. When applied before waxing, it reduces the sensation of pain and discomfort during the process.


TKTX offers a significant benefit to anyone looking to get a piercing, reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the piercing process. making the experience calmer, especially for those who are afraid of needles.


TKTX offers a notable benefit for those who wish to perform multiple microneedling procedures by reducing the burning sensation and discomfort during microneedling.

Tattoo Removal

TKTX offers a versatile benefit for those who wish to perform tattoo removal procedures on various areas of the body, reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the laser tattoo removal process.

Facial Procedures

TKTX provides a notable benefit by reducing burning sensation and discomfort during facial procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox and other aesthetic treatments.


TKTX provides a valuable benefit by reducing the sensation of discomfort and pain during podiatric procedures, such as treatments for ingrown toenails, calluses or plantar warts.


TKTX offers a significant benefit by reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the injection process. This makes injections less painful and more bearable.

Minor Surgeries

TKTX offers a significant benefit in reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the surgical procedure. This makes minor surgeries gentler and less painful.

Other Procedures

TKTX offers benefits across a wide range of medical and aesthetic procedures. Its main benefit is the ability to reduce patients' feelings of pain and discomfort.

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How To Use

How to use TKTX?

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 2 cm

In stock and prompt delivery

Average Anesthetic Effect Time

3 to 5 hours (with correct application), depending on the type of skin

Base ingredient

Benzilic alcohol, carbon, lecithin, propylene glycol, tocopherol acetate, water

Brand / Manufacturer



MSDS and Cruelty Free

Cream Color

Pink or White

Customer support

[email protected]


Anesthetic effect


Lidocaine 5%, Prilocaine 5%, Epinephrine 1%

Occupation area

Each product efficiently serves an area of approximately 20 x 20 centimeters.


Hong Kong

Package content

1 Tube with holographic seal

Tube Material



2 (two) years

Validity after opening

Keep tightly closed, use within 50 days

Reviews (219)

219 reviews for TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original

  1. Avatar Of Esther M. Crooks

    Esther M. Crooks (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel nothing at all..didn’t even know I was being tatted

  2. Avatar Of Christi R. Crawford

    Christi R. Crawford (verified owner)

    This is a full back piece thats been in progress since last October. I am so excited about it, but would not have gotten through it without the tattoo numbing cream!

  3. Avatar Of Julio D. Perkins

    Julio D. Perkins (verified owner)

    Perfect for a large tattoo along my spine, I think I’d have died without it!

  4. Avatar Of Robert K. Pollard

    Robert K. Pollard (verified owner)

    This is amazing! I have done three!!! Wouldn’t use any other product. Each of mine lasted about 5 hrs. If applied correctly you feel very little. Love it!! ❤️

  5. Avatar Of Jane R. Martinez

    Jane R. Martinez (verified owner)

    I used the numbing cream for a 3 hour chest piece on my sternum and clavicle bones which I have heard is very painful spot, lucky for me I didn’t feel anything as the cream worked so well!

  6. Avatar Of Gustavo J. Sander

    Gustavo J. Sander (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! I have tried other similar products and none gave the comfort I felt from your product. My back was bare and I was able to sit through a 5 and a half hour season. You have a customer for life! Or at least until I run out of skin to ink up lol I wanted to try this product to let people im close with know that it can work. As well as my next few pieces will be big and in sensitive places. Now I’ll be able to realize my dream sooner than later. And it’s all thanks to this brand! Im enteranlly thankful. I going to tag and post the end result and whole process on my social media outlets. Again, thank you.

  7. Avatar Of Robert M. Salas

    Robert M. Salas (verified owner)

    When you have so many tattoos that you only have the painful places left, this product is definitely my go to now

  8. Avatar Of Joseph W. Green

    Joseph W. Green (verified owner)

    I got a 5 hour sternum tattoo using this cream. At first apply the pain was about a 2 out of 10. Keep in mind this is a spot that’s easily a 9 or 10 out of 10. I was so pleased because I was dreading this tattoo, and had tattooed nearly my entire body before I would touch it. 2 hours in after the outline I re-applied for about 25-30 minutes. The remaining 3 hours of my tattoo I felt nothing! I never review products but holy shit this cream works! I was hesitant due to the lidocaine % so I compared it with a prescription strength lidocaine at 10%. It blew my mind when this product worked better than that BY FAR! Highly highly recommend.

  9. Avatar Of Mamie R. Keith

    Mamie R. Keith (verified owner)

    Works great! Didn’t feel a thing for 3 hours! Wouldn’t do a tattoo without it!

  10. Avatar Of Michelle D. Kelley

    Michelle D. Kelley (verified owner)

    I used the cream as directed and went in for a 3.5 hour tattoo and felt NOTHING! My mind was blown! It was the best experience ever. The last half hour I felt all of the rubbing and a twinge here and there but it was tattoo life changing

  11. Avatar Of Tony D. Foley

    Tony D. Foley (verified owner)

    Stuff worked amazing. Not gonna lie thought it was a hox but nope it was awesome.

  12. Avatar Of Romolo Genovese

    Romolo Genovese (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Napoli. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  13. Avatar Of Edward M. Stamper

    Edward M. Stamper (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved it pain free

  14. Avatar Of Valente Genovese

    Valente Genovese (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Salerno. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  15. Avatar Of Christoffer Samuelsen

    Christoffer Samuelsen (verified owner)

    Jeg anbefaler det til alle !!

  16. Avatar Of Martine Olsen

    Martine Olsen (verified owner)

    Fungerer fint

  17. Avatar Of Charley J. Taylor

    Charley J. Taylor (verified owner)

    Super skeptical about this type of stuff, but when it came time to get the inside of my arm and elbow done for my sleeve, I was willing to give it a shot. Best decision ever! There literally was zero pain! I typically don’t write reviews, but definitely wanted to pass on my experience. I am absolutely stocking up on this cream!

  18. Avatar Of William A. Hall

    William A. Hall (verified owner)

    I use this for my laser hair removal treatments and it’s literally amazing I love it!

  19. Avatar Of Ann E. Matsuda

    Ann E. Matsuda (verified owner)

    This cream is amazing and worked just as advertised

  20. Avatar Of Suzanne D. Ortiz

    Suzanne D. Ortiz (verified owner)

    I’m addicted if I hadn’t experienced it for myself if I would never have believed it totally works I say pain free through entire stomach tat

  21. Avatar Of Sue L. Foster

    Sue L. Foster (verified owner)

    I have a lot of tattoos. Primarily on my arms. I had a pretty traumatizing experience recently on my back piece and I was horrified to go back and have it finished.
    I decided to try this numbing cream on my small inner bicep piece and I was shocked at how amazing it worked: I placed it on about 90 mins before my appointment. I hardly felt anything at all, even vibrations. My tattoo artist said that it didn’t cause any issues with the skins texture.
    I would 100% recommend this product. For first timers and experienced tattooed folks. I could go on and on

  22. Avatar Of Madeline J. Mitchell

    Madeline J. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Used this on my foot and made the outlining so much more manageable! Some areas I felt nothing at all, other areas were just a bit of pressure and tingling. However, the skin seemed to become a lot more sensitive to the wiping and rubbing and you still feel a little bit of the burning sensation. But I highly recommend, especially for those sensitive areas!

  23. Avatar Of Eric H. Fletcher

    Eric H. Fletcher (verified owner)

    Worked amazingly! Didn’t feel a thing even on bicep where a large flower was placed. Would highly recommend!

  24. Avatar Of Thomas E. Haider

    Thomas E. Haider (verified owner)

    Worked great on armpit tattoo

  25. Avatar Of Fiacre Caya

    Fiacre Caya (verified owner)


  26. Avatar Of Helene Kleist

    Helene Kleist (verified owner)

    Envío rápido y funcionó muy bien.

  27. Avatar Of Isaac O. King

    Isaac O. King (verified owner)

    I used this for under arm tattoo definitely recommend it numbing cream works. I will be buying more 10 out of 10

  28. Avatar Of Latisha V. Jones

    Latisha V. Jones (verified owner)

    déan an méid a deir tú

  29. Avatar Of Selma J. Deleon

    Selma J. Deleon (verified owner)

    Tá an táirge iontach

  30. Avatar Of Doris D. Schafer

    Doris D. Schafer (verified owner)

    Had a 3hours coloring session,.. lotus pink, center of lotus purple, frogg, all the blossoms and tulip… didn’t feel a thing, was the first time i’d usted it and will def use it again…. i even recommend it for big pieces, side note… after 3 hours my skin started to wake up again, so for longer sessions you def have to put on a second layer… let you all know how the other side went, reason… blacking out the second nipple. stay colorful and inked

  31. Avatar Of Robert J. Mcclain

    Robert J. McClain (verified owner)

    It is great product I purchased it for my friend who works in Beauty Salun and all her customers are happy.

  32. Avatar Of Capucine Deblois

    Capucine Deblois (verified owner)

    je ne peux pas vivre sans

  33. Avatar Of ดาวรุ้ง จุลทัศน์

    ดาวรุ้ง จุลทัศน์ (verified owner)


  34. Avatar Of Shirley H. Moore

    Shirley H. Moore (verified owner)

    I Put it on as per directions it was great. Used the full two tubes and got the tattoo pain free for 6 hours to bad the Tattoo took 6.5 hours lol . But wonderful pain free and great product.

  35. Avatar Of สุศิริญญา ชัยเวียง

    สุศิริญญา ชัยเวียง (verified owner)


  36. Avatar Of Eva A. Malcolm

    Eva A. Malcolm (verified owner)

    I had no faith in this , but when I realized I was never going to finish this back tattoo due to the incredible pain I was experiencing, I thought I’ll give it a go . I cannot express how good it is ! I didn’t feel a thing ! I even had a little nap while doing it … it’s that good .

  37. Avatar Of 寺坂 螢

    寺坂 螢 (verified owner)


  38. Avatar Of Resi Van Der Spek

    Resi van der Spek (verified owner)

    de crème is geweldig

  39. Avatar Of Regina A. Gillespie

    Regina A. Gillespie (verified owner)

    Ive has over 50 hours of tattoo on the front of my body with no numbing . Im starting a tattoo on my back and thought Id just give this stuff a try and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered 3 more tubes. I was firm believer in having to earn your tattoo thru pain. Not anymore .

  40. Avatar Of Megan W. Jones

    Megan W. Jones (verified owner)

    Auftragen 30 minuten warten und loslegen. 6 stunden lang komplett schmerzfrei. Mega.

  41. Avatar Of Anders N. Frederiksen

    Anders N. Frederiksen (verified owner)

    Hurtig levering

  42. Avatar Of Marilena Dellucci

    Marilena Dellucci (verified owner)

    la crema è fantastica

  43. Avatar Of Wan Yuan

    Wan Yuan (verified owner)


  44. Avatar Of Deanna C. Diehl

    Deanna C. Diehl (verified owner)

    it worked so so well!!

  45. Avatar Of 林田 節子

    林田 節子 (verified owner)


  46. Avatar Of Jiang Li Hê

    Jiang Li Hê (verified owner)


  47. Avatar Of David B. Brodie

    David B. Brodie (verified owner)

    Love this stuff!!!Took a chance an ordered 6 tubes without knowing if it would work for us, it’s great! My husband and I have quite a few appointments booked and will be using this for all of it. Placing my next order now……. Thanks!!

  48. Avatar Of Emilio S. Hansen

    Emilio S. Hansen (verified owner)

    I’ve finished a tattoo sleeve without this product and one sleeve with this product. Wow! All I can say. 10/10 recommended to all my friends. Just bought my 5th tube. Love it.

  49. Avatar Of William C. Taylor

    William C. Taylor (verified owner)

    Amazing ! Pain Free for real for real !

  50. Avatar Of Anne H. Garcia

    Anne H. Garcia (verified owner)

    I got my tattoo due in June. The tattoo artist told me we may have to do this in 2 sessions because it will be painful. This took like 5-6 hours I never felt one bit of the needle I had to keep looking to see if he took a break. When I get another tat I will only use this cream

  51. Avatar Of Abigail B. Allen

    Abigail B. Allen (verified owner)

    Let me tell you, I used this cream on my back piece and absolutely did not feel a thing!!! I was completely impressed. I now have a new addiction with this stuff. Looks like many many more tatts in my future. It didn’t even hurt after the cream wore off. I get it, some like to experience the pain, I however do not. I like to enjoy the art afterwards pain free.

  52. Avatar Of Daniel M. Grice

    Daniel M. Grice (verified owner)

    Getting work know. Its great.

  53. Avatar Of Miguel V. Donati

    Miguel V. Donati (verified owner)

    I enjoy the product but it stinks so bad I gag when I use it at first

  54. Avatar Of Adelaide Piazza

    Adelaide Piazza (verified owner)

    Più di 4 ore senza dolore

  55. Avatar Of Nadine Gärtner

    Nadine Gärtner (verified owner)

    in meinem Studio verwenden

  56. Avatar Of Sylvester A. Lemieux

    Sylvester A. Lemieux (verified owner)

    Fast delivery , great product

  57. Avatar Of Jamie C. Dejesus

    Jamie C. Dejesus (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a thing , very easy to apply, would definitely buy again

  58. Avatar Of Rudolph Gerritsen

    Rudolph Gerritsen (verified owner)

    Ik hield van dit product

  59. Avatar Of Bonnie C. Kearney

    Bonnie C. Kearney (verified owner)

    I had so much trouble sitting still during the first session of my calf tattoo and I felt terrible about it. For whatever reason, that turned out to be a very spicy location for me, which I did not anticipate. For the second session, I slathered on numbing cream as directed, and the numbing effect held for around 3-4 hours. It’s the only way I got through it. Thank you!

  60. Avatar Of Mary F. Henshaw

    Mary F. Henshaw (verified owner)

    Didn’t even feel the first two hours of this tattoo. Absolutely unreal! Will be using for all sensitive area tattoos moving forward.

  61. Avatar Of Janette D. Brown

    Janette D. Brown (verified owner)

    Highly Recommend this cream!! Omg it works wonders for getting a Tattoo! I didn’t feel a thing, an my leg stayed numb well after the artist was done! Would tell anyone to get it. I will definitely be using this in the future!

  62. Avatar Of Daniel P. Humphrey

    Daniel P. Humphrey (verified owner)

    Product with seal. excellent

  63. Avatar Of Mark J. Wilson

    Mark J. Wilson (verified owner)

    I felt good

  64. Avatar Of George I. Looney

    George I. Looney (verified owner)


  65. Avatar Of Rose M. Yamamoto

    Rose M. Yamamoto (verified owner)

    Is é seo an uachtar ainéistéiseach is fearr dá bhfaca mé riamh a úsáid

  66. Avatar Of Benny Zavala Cruz

    Benny Zavala Cruz (verified owner)

    La mejor crema anestésica del mundo.

  67. Avatar Of Stanley C. Ryan

    Stanley C. Ryan (verified owner)

    Very good product

  68. Avatar Of Benigno Genovesi

    Benigno Genovesi (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Pisa. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  69. Avatar Of Azim Qutb Shamoun

    Azim Qutb Shamoun (verified owner)

    زبائني يحبون

  70. Avatar Of Jeffrey M. Fullerton

    Jeffrey M. Fullerton (verified owner)

    Numb from beginning to end! I loved it!!!! Thanks

  71. Avatar Of Chanell Zoon

    Chanell Zoon (verified owner)

    Het beste van alles

  72. Avatar Of Ralph L. Andrews

    Ralph L. Andrews (verified owner)

    First time iv used a numbing cream and it worked really well didn’t really feel much for the first 4 hours of my session

  73. Avatar Of Frances B. Hamrick

    Frances B. Hamrick (verified owner)

    Second four hour session, which was much more enjoyable with a numb forearm (did the first 4 hours without). Can absolutely recommend this product!!

  74. Avatar Of Robert P. Cloud

    Robert P. Cloud (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! It helped me endure the first 5.5hr session for this piece. The artist used the extra tube I brought and reapplied during the session to keep the numb going. I’ll definitely be buying more for the next round. Seriously, getting a tattoo is a miserable process for an amazing piece of work on your body. TKTX Numbing Cream makes it easier to tolerate the discomfort.

  75. Avatar Of Raymond N. Drew

    Raymond N. Drew (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a thing

  76. Avatar Of Patricia E. Macias

    Patricia E. Macias (verified owner)

    4 hour sitting, didn’t feel a thing. This is the 3rd time I have purchased. Best product out there for numbing cream. So squirming in painful areas, so my artist can really make it perfect. Love it

  77. Avatar Of Ann K. Milton

    Ann K. Milton (verified owner)

    I really didn’t think that this stuff was gonna work so tried it out with my tattoo and OMG it is amazing I didn’t feel a thing. Highly recommend..

  78. Avatar Of George L. Lee

    George L. Lee (verified owner)

    I absolutely did not feel a thing!! The best product ever you will not be disappointed!! I’m ordering two more right now!!!

  79. Avatar Of Florence H. Mitchell

    Florence H. Mitchell (verified owner)

    this numbing cream is the only brand i trust to give me the painless tattoo experience i need. my pain tolerance is so so low and i can’t stand tattooing pain.

  80. Avatar Of Edwin E. Coleman

    Edwin E. Coleman (verified owner)

    Outstanding product..did what it said on the tin, well tube…but it did wear off quicker than I expected but other than that awesome.

  81. Avatar Of Harold A. Mcmahon

    Harold A. McMahon (verified owner)

    I honestly love getting tattooed but now can sleep and wake up with a tattoo lol! Completely amazing stuff!!

  82. Avatar Of Uwe Meier

    Uwe Meier (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Hagen. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  83. Avatar Of Doris J. Littlejohn

    Doris J. Littlejohn (verified owner)

    Ina shuí ar feadh 5 uair an chloig de tatú gan aon phian i ndáiríre!

  84. Avatar Of Adelmo Colombo

    Adelmo Colombo (verified owner)

    Il meglio di tutto

  85. Avatar Of Jack K. Davis

    Jack K. Davis (verified owner)

    Liked the product very much. Made it so enjoyable getting the tattoo. Thank you and I will highly recommend it to others.

  86. Avatar Of Karoline Fleischer

    Karoline Fleischer (verified owner)

    Muy buen producto

  87. Avatar Of 加部 愛

    加部 愛 (verified owner)


  88. Avatar Of Joyce P. Noyola

    Joyce P. Noyola (verified owner)

    2 tats in one day great product

  89. Avatar Of Anton K. Lauridsen

    Anton K. Lauridsen (verified owner)

    nul smerte

  90. Avatar Of Carla Melo Araujo

    Carla Melo Araujo (verified owner)

    Ótimo Creme

  91. Avatar Of Lien Fang

    Lien Fang (verified owner)


  92. Avatar Of สุศิรารักษ์ เพ็งหมู

    สุศิรารักษ์ เพ็งหมู (verified owner)


  93. Avatar Of Petrina S. Pimentel

    Petrina S. Pimentel (verified owner)

    The numbing cream was fantastic. I followed directions and took off the wrap right before artist started doing preparation. I didn’t feel anything except the very small area that I didn’t put cream on. So next time I’ll put cream all over and even past the area of where I want to be inked. A friend of mine recommended this cream and I’m recommending to other friends who are thinking of getting a tattoo no matter the size (big or small)!

  94. Avatar Of Diana C. Oldham

    Diana C. Oldham (verified owner)

    I’ve used a few numbing creams and gels, because I’m a sissy when it comes to pain! Lol But I love tattoos! A friend of mine got his entire front chest done, and told me about this numbing cream that he discovered and literally said he felt “ZERO pain”! I thought there’s NO way he felt zero pain. There has to be some pain, right? Dude! I swear ZERO pain!! Felt absolutely nothing the entire 3 hours of my tattoo! HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend! Also, my tattoo artist wanted me to give him the name of this cream so he could recommend this to his other clients. He says it’s almost impossible to find a numbing cream that actually works. And best of all, it does NOT compromise the quality of the tattoo!

  95. Avatar Of Melanie K. Fleck

    Melanie K. Fleck (verified owner)

  96. Avatar Of Nazeem Darwish Atiyeh

    Nazeem Darwish Atiyeh (verified owner)

    خدمة رائعة ، شحن سريع

  97. Avatar Of Varden Legault

    Varden Legault (verified owner)

    J’adore tatouer avec cette crème anesthésiante

  98. Avatar Of Willie R. Mcghee

    Willie R. McGhee (verified owner)

    This is some Awesome stuff!!!! My wife enjoyed it and I did as well…..I knew that I was being tattooed and that was it…We did not feel nothing. I will use it again. Thank you!

  99. Avatar Of Georgette Galarneau

    Georgette Galarneau (verified owner)

    tatouage intrépide

  100. Avatar Of Emily Goncalves Azevedo

    Emily Goncalves Azevedo (verified owner)

    O melhor que usei. Funciona rápido.

  101. Avatar Of Troy K. Vandegrift

    Troy K. Vandegrift (verified owner)

    Received my creams this morning, glad to say they’re the real deal unlike half the other fakes Ive brought! Ill defiantly be coming back again

  102. Avatar Of Julia Kuefer

    Julia Kuefer (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Cottbus. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  103. Avatar Of Natasja M. Nilsson

    Natasja M. Nilsson (verified owner)


  104. Avatar Of Matthias Braun

    Matthias Braun (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Kiel. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  105. Avatar Of Dan J. Andrews

    Dan J. Andrews (verified owner)

    Just had a full sleeve bio mech tattoo no pain awesome

  106. Avatar Of Matthew T. Vera

    Matthew T. Vera (verified owner)

    Use for shin and thigh tattoos. 3 hours each time zero pain. Would highly recommend. Just apply using the leaflet steps. No discolouration just pain free tattoos

  107. Avatar Of Christine W. Stinnett

    Christine W. Stinnett (verified owner)

    Went into the sit very critical that this stuff would completely numb my leg. Gotta say I was blown away by the result. Will be using it again. Game changer for big pieces!

  108. Avatar Of Stefan R. Harris

    Stefan R. Harris (verified owner)

    Bei meinem Rückentattoo hatte ich bisher so Schmerzen das ich es kaum ausgehalten habe, bin bis jetzt von der numbling creme fasziniert! Weiter so!

  109. Avatar Of Emilio K. Moon

    Emilio K. Moon (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel anything..I was self conscious about my decision to use “numbing creams” because growing up it was always “you gotta earn it” so I spoke to my artist(s) about it and they told me that I’ve “earned” enough so I went for it.
    The artist that is tattooing my back told me that other numbing creams made their clients skin “hard” and it wouldn’t take ink in correctly but with this brand, it caused zero issues relating to that. Sure, you still feel the pain from after the cream wears off but it is what it is. I definitely recommend it.

  110. Avatar Of Doris J. Ortega

    Doris J. Ortega (verified owner)

    With your numbing cream it made my experience painless ! I ordered 3 more.

  111. Avatar Of Clinton L. Eller

    Clinton L. Eller (verified owner)

    I was worth it!! It helped me endure my 11 hours tattoo session, didn’t feel a thing for the first hours! Totally recommended!

  112. Avatar Of Tom N. Lambert

    Tom N. Lambert (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream makes a 3-4 hour session possible! Working on a full calf cover up! Thank you.

  113. Avatar Of Daniel J. Greene

    Daniel J. Greene (verified owner)

    Will never get a tattoo with out it

  114. Avatar Of Harry P. Jackson

    Harry P. Jackson (verified owner)

    No pain whatsoever!

  115. Avatar Of John J. Owen

    John J. Owen (verified owner)

    No pain at all. I used it before and during my tattoo for extra comfort. Why hurt if you don’t have too.

  116. Avatar Of Max K. Vargas

    Max K. Vargas (verified owner)

    I love this cream! Had two tubes now and three tattoos whilst using it! Next tattoo planned so will be purchasing more cream! X

  117. Avatar Of Pamela D. Savage

    Pamela D. Savage (verified owner)

    Got my areolas tattooed and I didn’t feel a darn thing. Wouldn’t have been able to sit through it otherwise! Will absolutely be using this from now on.

  118. Avatar Of Noel T. Vargas

    Noel T. Vargas (verified owner)

    I sat for 4 hours without any pain until the very last 10 mins. Even then the pain was very mild, almost like a light scrape. I used 2 tubes 2 hrs ahead and put plastic wrap on top, until u arrived at shop. Blended in more to skin before my artist started.

  119. Avatar Of Kenneth K. Pulido

    Kenneth K. Pulido (verified owner)

    I got these tats on outlined, “⅗ of my heart is art” and the needle on my sternum was unbearable! I put on this numbing cream for the next session for color fill and all the pain was gone! I was wondering when he was going to start and he was halfway done! Stuff is incredible!

  120. Avatar Of Kevin V. Ellis

    Kevin V. Ellis (verified owner)

    I used this for my stomach tattoo and I’ll say for 3hrs I was comfortable ya every once in awhile my artist hit a spot of thin skin in some really tender areas but the cream reduced the pain for those spots and in all the more meaty areas I didn’t feel a thing 10/10 would recommend

  121. Avatar Of Michael L. Hawk

    Michael L. Hawk (verified owner)

    Legit stuff! I was hesitant after trying other numbing agents. Half my body is tattooed but with a skin condition I am extremely sensitive and it’s worse than the average person. The first 1.5hrs with this cream, I didn’t even know he started!!! This made it so bearable. I have served my time with tattoo pain and I’m done with it. Buying more for my neck!!!!

  122. Avatar Of June H. Culbertson

    June H. Culbertson (verified owner)

    Used the cream did not feel a thing!!!

  123. Avatar Of John D. Robinson

    John D. Robinson (verified owner)

    I’ve used a few of these numbing creams etc, they all work to a point, but this is by far the best I have used, I actually managed to sleep for 2 hours during a recent tattoo session thats how good it was

  124. Avatar Of Olivia J. Lynch

    Olivia J. Lynch (verified owner)

    Had the absolutely most comfortable tattooing experience with this numbing cream. It worked so much better and faster than I anticipated. Will be ordering more for my next pieces.

  125. Avatar Of Benildo Gutiérrez Cruz

    Benildo Gutiérrez Cruz (verified owner)

    Recomiendo a mis amigos

  126. Avatar Of สุลักษขณา พูสมจิตต์

    สุลักษขณา พูสมจิตต์ (verified owner)


  127. Avatar Of Donald K. Richardson

    Donald K. Richardson (verified owner)

    Only had to reapply once after 2 1/2 hours. Was a amazing experience!

  128. Avatar Of Lois W. Hernandez

    Lois W. Hernandez (verified owner)

    J’ai mis la crème sur certaines zones, c’est génial.

  129. Avatar Of James L. Pasquale

    James L. Pasquale (verified owner)

    Totally painless when you use this numbing cream!!

  130. Avatar Of Steve P. Dinkins

    Steve P. Dinkins (verified owner)

    Go hiomlán an uachtar ainéistéiseach is fearr.

  131. Avatar Of Marina Köhler

    Marina Köhler (verified owner)

    Diese Creme ist unglaublich

  132. Avatar Of Esther S. Eagle

    Esther S. Eagle (verified owner)

    This stuff worked pretty well, lasted roughly couple hrs.

  133. Avatar Of Alex D. Kelly

    Alex D. Kelly (verified owner)

    Grade 10/10

  134. Avatar Of Ancelina Rouleau

    Ancelina Rouleau (verified owner)

    Ech hu gär!

  135. Avatar Of Lynette G. Flinn

    Lynette G. Flinn (verified owner)

    A painless experience around my wrist, which is usually a location that I have a hard time with. I wish I had ordered more so I could’ve spread the cream more.

  136. Avatar Of Najat Afaf Antar

    Najat Afaf Antar (verified owner)

    جيد جدا!

  137. Avatar Of Karen R. Davis

    Karen R. Davis (verified owner)

    Amazing did not feel a thing

  138. Avatar Of Sara K. Callahan

    Sara K. Callahan (verified owner)

    This is such a great product. At first I only had half of one butterfly done because I couldn’t stand the pain of the tattoo in that area then when I went for my second session I put on the cream an hour prior getting the tattoo. This was the best thing for me because I’m so sensitive and it was like being drawn on with a marker, painless!

  139. Avatar Of Gena P. Cameron

    Gena P. Cameron (verified owner)

    I used this when I got my very first face tattoo and I thought it was a scam and once I used it he started tattooing me amd I didn’t even know he started. Didn’t feel a thing. Highly recommend this product! I’m ordering like 5 tunes my fiance is a tattoo artist and im about to get a plain free sleeve! Super excited! Thank you!

  140. Avatar Of John J. Ralls

    John J. Ralls (verified owner)

    Not a great pic it’s hard taking a pic of your own elbow but this stuff is amazing

  141. Avatar Of Petronio Mancini

    Petronio Mancini (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Brescia. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  142. Avatar Of สุยาวะณี วงษ์สมศรี

    สุยาวะณี วงษ์สมศรี (verified owner)

    มันทำงานได้ 100%

  143. Avatar Of Honore Labrosse

    Honore Labrosse (verified owner)

    fonctionne certainement

  144. Avatar Of Cataldo Cremonesi

    Cataldo Cremonesi (verified owner)


  145. Avatar Of Daniel A. Champagne

    Daniel A. Champagne (verified owner)

    I sat for 5 hours having this done and was totally pain free Will definitely be getting more for my next tattoo

  146. Avatar Of 堀畑 雨夜

    堀畑 雨夜 (verified owner)


  147. Avatar Of สุธานิภา ธิสานนท์

    สุธานิภา ธิสานนท์ (verified owner)


  148. Avatar Of Ryan Barros Fernandes

    Ryan Barros Fernandes (verified owner)

    Entrega rápida!

  149. Avatar Of Benne Van Der Poll

    Benne van der Poll (verified owner)

    Meer dan 4 uur zonder pijn

  150. Avatar Of Willie P. Mitchell

    Willie P. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Skeptical at first…however; Once we started , it was a painless four hour session. Remember to apply liberally and be sure to wrap for about 2 hours prior to session.

  151. Avatar Of Tânia Cardoso Lima

    Tânia Cardoso Lima (verified owner)

    Isso funciona 100%

  152. Avatar Of Michael M. Mraz

    Michael M. Mraz (verified owner)

    3 sessions and 1 to go!!
    I WILL NEVER GET A TATTOO WITHOUT THIS CREAM!!! I’ve put in my time with the painful tattoos and I earned this cream!! No more painful tattoos for me!! I tried 6 other brands before I found this company!!! AMAZING PRODUCT AND I TELL ALL MY FRIENDS!! I can’t say enough about this cream!!!!

  153. Avatar Of Luisa A. Henderson

    Luisa A. Henderson (verified owner)

    My client was so pleased with this product her tattoo was actually painless compared to tha other ones she has tried. I recommend this products 1000%

  154. Avatar Of Antoinette D. Fleischman

    Antoinette D. Fleischman (verified owner)

    Went in on this piece for 3 sessions came out great!! No pain!!!

  155. Avatar Of Michael S. Bode

    Michael S. Bode (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel a thing I love it

  156. Avatar Of Margaret K. Seely

    Margaret K. Seely (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first, but i can definetly say it works for me!
    I used it multiple time on colorful tattoos as this one and i felt from nothing to small pain (depending on the tattoo artist) for about 3 hours.
    One thing, try to use a generous amount, since if u leave any amount of cream sitting for a while in the tube it won’t work as well.

  157. Avatar Of Charlie E. Vann

    Charlie E. Vann (verified owner)

    I used this on my arm and after about 30-40 min after application, my arm was numb!! This took over 3 hours and as he was finishing up, numbness started to ware off in some spots but lasted that full 3 hours so I’m very pleased!! Thank you!

  158. Avatar Of Patricia J. Joseph

    Patricia J. Joseph (verified owner)

    Easiest tattoo I’ve ever gotten, thanks too TKTX Numbing cream. Used as directed and was able to blast through this 2 hour tattoo with zero discomfort or feeling in my knee.

  159. Avatar Of Elva R. Burbank

    Elva R. Burbank (verified owner)

    So far 16 hours of tribal cover up, outline 4 hours 3 session of 3 hours a piece. 3 hours with it is a breeze. After that i am old and out. I would have never started this project without TKTX Numbing cream. It really works and now i only have one more two hours session left.

  160. Avatar Of Zina J. Turcotte

    Zina J. Turcotte (verified owner)

    Love it!

  161. Avatar Of Beverly D. Hawkin

    Beverly D. Hawkin (verified owner)

    Simply outstanding and the best

  162. Avatar Of Marjorie J. Acosta

    Marjorie J. Acosta (verified owner)

    Mycket bra kände inget kommer köpa igen

  163. Avatar Of Ellen W. Ours

    Ellen W. Ours (verified owner)

    I had a large back piece that I needed some shading done on, my last sitting was rough for sure. I used two tubes and completely covered my back. I took the wrap off 30 minutes early and still had over 3.5 hours of pain free tattooing. My artist said it was like drawing on paper, we both loved it and recommend it.

  164. Avatar Of Victor C. Daniels

    Victor C. Daniels (verified owner)

    Works as stated on packaging.

  165. Avatar Of Felicia S. Walker

    Felicia S. Walker (verified owner)

    Very Nice cream from a lot i already had the chance to try this one if far away the best, last hours and no affect stencil or tattoo healing process. Recomended

  166. Avatar Of Michael C. Foreman

    Michael C. Foreman (verified owner)

    So I added to this chest piece and expanded it and new it was going to be very painful so I put the numbing cream in action followed directions and only felt slight touch it worked amazing and did the job. Highly recommend

  167. Avatar Of Bruce G. Walley

    Bruce G. Walley (verified owner)

    This product is a game changer !!!!

  168. Avatar Of Gregory E. Emerick

    Gregory E. Emerick (verified owner)

    Works great. I applied mine about 1.5 to 2hrs before the stencil and it worked for a solid 3hrs. Definitely recommend.

  169. Avatar Of Elizabeth R. Hutcheson

    Elizabeth R. Hutcheson (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel a thing! The numbing cream lasted for about 4-5 hours with me. I wrapped my arm in plastic wrap after applying about an hour and a half before my session. Didn’t even know my artist had began in the first place until I asked!

    A breeze, no breaks, no pain.

    I will definitely use this product again for my future pieces!

  170. Avatar Of Mary A. Valles

    Mary A. Valles (verified owner)

    First time ever using numbing cream and I was really shocked on how well it worked! Did not feel 1 thing and the numbing actually lasted more than 3 hours which is awesome and now I know I can use it for bigger work, will definitely order again and I will never go back to not using numbing cream!

  171. Avatar Of Harold T. Burnell

    Harold T. Burnell (verified owner)

    Great product!!!

  172. Avatar Of Gary C. Nunez

    Gary C. Nunez (verified owner)

    Started my session at 11am was finshes by 3pm didn’t feel a thing ot really works

  173. Avatar Of Orva Mousseau

    Orva Mousseau (verified owner)

    Bestellt fir en Tattoo Works Brilliant

  174. Avatar Of Leonie Pfeffer

    Leonie Pfeffer (verified owner)

    Gutes Produkt

  175. Avatar Of Joso Kovačević

    Joso Kovačević (verified owner)

    Više ne radim tetovaže bez ovog proizvoda

  176. Avatar Of Shannon T. Wallick

    Shannon T. Wallick (verified owner)

    Used this stuff for my dreaded elbow ditch tattoo and I didn’t feel a thing. Best damn cream on the market!

  177. Avatar Of Abigail G. Baker

    Abigail G. Baker (verified owner)

    I used a couple of tubes total for this piece which extends to my ribs. After I used it correctly, it worked amazingly! Highly recommend

  178. Avatar Of Sabine Faerber

    Sabine Faerber (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Neuss. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  179. Avatar Of Cristina Bezrukova

    Cristina Bezrukova (verified owner)

    Абсолютно ЛЮБОВЬ!

  180. Avatar Of Line J. Lorenzen

    Line J. Lorenzen (verified owner)

    Køb for at sælge videre. mine klienter elsker denne bedøvelsescreme til tatoveringer

  181. Avatar Of Karif Safwat Awad

    Karif Safwat Awad (verified owner)

    هذا الكريم اعجبني

  182. Avatar Of Rebekah J. Hendrix

    Rebekah J. Hendrix (verified owner)

    HIGHLY recommend this amazing cream! Seriously does wonders I could not believe it. I barely felt a thing and in the little area that I did, it was not even near as painful as it would be. So glad I was recommended this product.

  183. Avatar Of Russell I. Milliron

    Russell I. Milliron (verified owner)

    Very good numbing, put it on about a hour before getting tattooed and lasted the length of the sitting around 3 hours. Will definitely purchase again.

  184. Avatar Of Rose Uvarova

    Rose Uvarova (verified owner)


  185. Avatar Of Neville Laurent

    Neville Laurent (verified owner)

    Ëmmer benotzen!

  186. Avatar Of Philipp Schuster

    Philipp Schuster (verified owner)

    Ich kaufe immer auf dieser Seite ein. sehr gut!

  187. Avatar Of Miljenko Marjanović

    Miljenko Marjanović (verified owner)

    Zaista sam sretna

  188. Avatar Of Marina Jukić

    Marina Jukić (verified owner)

    Vrlo dobar, originalan proizvod

  189. Avatar Of Albert K. Hale

    Albert K. Hale (verified owner)

    That is great!

  190. Avatar Of Arsenio Sal

    Arsenio Sal (verified owner)

    Il miglior sito web TKTX

  191. Avatar Of Yolette Charette

    Yolette Charette (verified owner)

    Gefällt mer!

  192. Avatar Of Srećko Bilić

    Srećko Bilić (verified owner)

    ne osjećati ništa

  193. Avatar Of Leo Genovese

    Leo Genovese (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Carpi. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  194. Avatar Of Dennis R. Swift

    Dennis R. Swift (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome.

  195. Avatar Of Leah Muench

    Leah Muench (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Reutlingen. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  196. Avatar Of Joan J. Ernst

    Joan J. Ernst (verified owner)

    Is breá liom an uachtar seo

  197. Avatar Of Darlene G. Elwood

    Darlene G. Elwood (verified owner)

    Did not feel a thing..100% recommended..the cream work 110%..

  198. Avatar Of Lili Tsou

    Lili Tsou (verified owner)


  199. Avatar Of Evangelina L. Merritt

    Evangelina L. Merritt (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel none of it was amazing

  200. Avatar Of Dawn G. Turner

    Dawn G. Turner (verified owner)

    Had the last 5 hours of my throat tattoo finished using it…. Didn’t feel a thing! The first 4 hours I went through without I blacked out, so this was a lifesaver!

  201. Avatar Of Joe V. Blankenship

    Joe V. Blankenship (verified owner)

    Just buy it

  202. Avatar Of Edmund L. Hauck

    Edmund L. Hauck (verified owner)

    Did not feel a thing, this product is amazing, i did not use too much of the cream either.
    Already booked my next tattoo

  203. Avatar Of John L. Martinez

    John L. Martinez (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing stuff!! Got the lining all done and it’s been about an hour and I’m still numb on the area that I applied it! A definite MUST if you hate tattoo pain or are getting a sensitive area done

  204. Avatar Of Thelma A. Shepherd

    Thelma A. Shepherd (verified owner)

    A client showed me this, and as you can see it doesn’t affect the tattoo at all if anything it helps the client nd us artist lol

  205. Avatar Of Penny T. Woodman

    Penny T. Woodman (verified owner)

    Works amazing. Follow the directions exactly for best results. Tingling is normal.

  206. Avatar Of Norberto M. Tracey

    Norberto M. Tracey (verified owner)

    Best thing ever invented! Don’t believe the hype so I had to try it out myself. And wow don’t feel a single thing my whole tattoo. 100 stars out of 10!

  207. Avatar Of Reginald J. Zimmer

    Reginald J. Zimmer (verified owner)

    This cream is the TRUTH !!! Longer sessions now, thank you TKTX Numbing Company !

  208. Avatar Of Brenda J. Gonzalez

    Brenda J. Gonzalez (verified owner)


  209. Avatar Of Devorah J. Mire

    Devorah J. Mire (verified owner)

    Love the cream works wonders.

  210. Avatar Of Charles C. Fields

    Charles C. Fields (verified owner)

    For this specific purchase I used it before a cosmetic procedure. I used it before a lip filler procedure and didn’t feel a thing !

  211. Avatar Of William C. Ford

    William C. Ford (verified owner)

    Works like magic, Couldn’t feel a thing!!!

  212. Avatar Of Kevin A. Mcmahan

    Kevin A. McMahan (verified owner)

    Tattoo isn’t completely done! My tattoo requires 3 separate sessions because of the size and the first session I went without any cream. It was horrible it felt like I was getting open back spinal surgery!!! I thought to myself I’m never going back but then I found tattoonumbingcream and I didn’t feel anything for my second session. I was able to stay still and get a lot more done than the first pain free!! My artist even said it felt like she wasn’t tattooing a real skin lol. Definitely will be ordering again for my last and final session ! 10/10 recommend for any tattoos is major sensitive areas!!

  213. Avatar Of Bradley C. Robichaud

    Bradley C. Robichaud (verified owner)

    Been putting off getting the inside of my bicep done. I have quite few tattoos but they are in locations where the skin isn’t that sensitive. Stumbled on this company during a Google search and figured I’d try it. I didn’t feel anything. Completely numb for about 2 1/2 hours after the 90 minute wrap time. Didn’t affect color or skins ability to take ink. FYI…the cream does make your skin itch a little when you have it wrapped for the 90 minute set time but it is mild.

  214. Avatar Of Melvin H. Hathaway

    Melvin H. Hathaway (verified owner)

    If it doesn’t need to hurt why let it hurt? Had many tattoos over the years and wish I had this from the start. Makes the whole experience more enjoyable and I’m reckon it healed faster too. Won’t be getting anymore tattoos unless I have the cream

  215. Avatar Of Stefan Brandt

    Stefan Brandt (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Hamburgo. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  216. Avatar Of Calliope Monaldo

    Calliope Monaldo (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Bolzano. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  217. Avatar Of Mary R. Gray

    Mary R. Gray (verified owner)

    This cream is AMAZING! 6 hours tattooing, including the elbow, and I literally didn’t feel a thing. Cannot recommend highly enough. Wish I’d found it at the start of my sleeve, and will definitely be using it for the other sleeve.

  218. Avatar Of Deodata Buccho

    Deodata Buccho (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Afragola. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  219. Avatar Of Michael Miscoe

    Michael Miscoe (verified owner)

    Done full front, sides back and sleeves. Would have never made it through without TKTX gold. Also use the Jcain creme during procedure for long sittings. Follow the instructions and you will have a pain free experience.

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