TKTX Black 55% Numbing Cream Original

(240 customer reviews)

If you’re looking for an effective pain relief solution, TKTX Black 55% Numbing Cream Original is the answer!
This numbing cream is a trusted and widely recognized choice for minimizing discomfort caused by cosmetic procedures, tattoos, laser hair removal and more.
This product is part of our company’s traditional line, consolidated on the market since 1996.
Its 55% anesthetic power is great for deep and long-lasting procedures.

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Welcome to the page TKTX Black 55% Numbing Cream

Welcome to the official page of the tktx company. Here you will find all the information about this product. Discover the benefits and advantages of purchasing this product.

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Cream Properties

Discover the main elements of this product.

TKTX Black 55% Numbing Cream is part of the traditional line of our ointments. Today its anesthetic power is considered long-lasting and profound.

Lidocaine 7%
Effect time (3 to 5 hours)
Anesthetic Strength 55%
Depth 100%
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Main Procedures

Discover the main procedures in which you can apply this product.


TKTX offers several benefits for those who want to get a tattoo, making the process more comfortable and pleasurable by reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the tattooing process.

Laser waxing

TKTX offers a significant benefit for people seeking hair removal procedures on various areas of the body. When applied before waxing, it reduces the sensation of pain and discomfort during the process.


TKTX offers a significant benefit to anyone looking to get a piercing, reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the piercing process. making the experience calmer, especially for those who are afraid of needles.


TKTX offers a notable benefit for those who wish to perform multiple microneedling procedures by reducing the burning sensation and discomfort during microneedling.

Tattoo Removal

TKTX offers a versatile benefit for those who wish to perform tattoo removal procedures on various areas of the body, reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the laser tattoo removal process.

Facial Procedures

TKTX provides a notable benefit by reducing burning sensation and discomfort during facial procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox and other aesthetic treatments.


TKTX provides a valuable benefit by reducing the sensation of discomfort and pain during podiatric procedures, such as treatments for ingrown toenails, calluses or plantar warts.


TKTX offers a significant benefit by reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the injection process. This makes injections less painful and more bearable.

Minor Surgeries

TKTX offers a significant benefit in reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort during the surgical procedure. This makes minor surgeries gentler and less painful.

Other Procedures

TKTX offers benefits across a wide range of medical and aesthetic procedures. Its main benefit is the ability to reduce patients' feelings of pain and discomfort.

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How To Use

How to use TKTX?

It is very important that you know the correct way to apply our products to ensure an excellent experience.
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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 2 cm

In stock and prompt delivery

Average Anesthetic Effect Time

3 to 5 hours (with correct application), depending on the type of skin

Base ingredient

Benzilic alcohol, carbon, lecithin, propylene glycol, tocopherol acetate, water

Brand / Manufacturer



MSDS and Cruelty Free

Cream Color

Pink or White

Customer support

[email protected]


Anesthetic effect


Lidocaine 5%, Prilocaine 5%, Epinephrine 1%

Occupation area

Each product efficiently serves an area of approximately 20 x 20 centimeters.


Hong Kong

Package content

1 Tube with holographic seal

Tube Material



2 (two) years

Validity after opening

Keep tightly closed, use within 50 days

Reviews (240)

240 reviews for TKTX Black 55% Numbing Cream Original

  1. Avatar Of Douglas D. Schuh

    Douglas D. Schuh (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this product! Couldn’t feel a thing..

  2. Avatar Of Rodney P. Gaylord

    Rodney P. Gaylord (verified owner)

    Buying direct from the factory is very good! product with quality guarantee

  3. Avatar Of Frediana Pagnotto

    Frediana Pagnotto (verified owner)

    Prodotto molto buono

  4. Avatar Of Lynette D. Hall

    Lynette D. Hall (verified owner)

    I got my spine tattooed today. I had to get my artist to put it on. I only kept it on for 30 minutes. It differently took the edge of the pain. We didnt have time to leave it on longer. As my tattooist had another customer after me . But the tattoo was pretty painless.
    I did put it on my tricep hour plus before I got to my artist as I was getting script done as well.. Wanted to see if numbing cream worked. Omg it was numb as, did not feel a thing. The cream is definitely a gem!!!! You have to buy some , you won’t be disappointed. Trust me.

  5. Avatar Of Rosendo M. Walborn

    Rosendo M. Walborn (verified owner)

    This was the 1st time I used the numbing cream and was very happy with the results. I put 2 tubes of the numbing cream on 1.5 hrs before the procedure and my leg was numb for the entire 3.5 hrs for the tattoo. As a matter of fact, my leg was still numb for 5 to 6 hrs. after the tattoo session, which was great because I had a meeting that night at 7pm and was on my feet from the time I left the tattoo shop until I went to bed around 1130pm and I wasn’t in any pain or discomfort and the tattoo didn’t swell at all. I love this numbing cream and will continue to use this numbing cream for every tattoo for now on.

  6. Avatar Of Stephen D. Green

    Stephen D. Green (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a thing. I love this stuff

  7. Avatar Of Wanda E. Lambert

    Wanda E. Lambert (verified owner)

    This stuff really does work I was worried about getting ink on my shin but with this stuff it’s painless couldnt recommend this enough to people

  8. Avatar Of James L. Riley

    James L. Riley (verified owner)

    I was soo shocked to see that this cream did the dam job.

  9. Avatar Of Bartosz Kristiansen

    Bartosz Kristiansen (verified owner)

    Veldig bra produkt. Resultatet er flott

  10. Avatar Of Jonathan R. Spradlin

    Jonathan R. Spradlin (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Nova Jérsei in Trenton. Original product with authenticity seal

  11. Avatar Of Karen C. Pierre

    Karen C. Pierre (verified owner)

    Will never get a large piece again without it!! Working on my leg sleeve and it has been phenomenal. Either I literally don’t feel a thing, or it’s muted the pain a lot. Which makes sitting for long sessions easy. Highly recommend.

  12. Avatar Of Joseph S. Porter

    Joseph S. Porter (verified owner)

    Perfect long lasting numbing !!!

  13. Avatar Of Thomas L. Williams

    Thomas L. Williams (verified owner)

    Love it, it really works !

  14. Avatar Of Joshua M. King

    Joshua M. King (verified owner)

    I’m a wiggle worm. With The Numbing Cream I can finally sit through my sessions . I love it. Excited for many more sessions to come. It works best for me if I apply thick and then cover with plastic wrap to lock it in. I can practically nap. Listen to the tunes and snooze the 3-5 hours away. Oh and for the ink or pigments that my skin doesn’t tolerate well( reds for whatever reason) this helps greatly so I don’t have to avoid them any more.

  15. Avatar Of Melinda C. Mclaughlin

    Melinda C. McLaughlin (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Carolina do Sul in Colúmbia. Original product with authenticity seal

  16. Avatar Of James B. Doyle

    James B. Doyle (verified owner)

    Good numbing creme to use for aesthetic procedures. Can be hard to get since they sell out quite frequently.

  17. Avatar Of Tyler K. Snively

    Tyler K. Snively (verified owner)

    Took at least 75% Of the pain away

  18. Avatar Of Jeremiah E. Monroe

    Jeremiah E. Monroe (verified owner)

    I didn’t take pics during, but here’s the final result. It was absolutely pain free thanks to your product I have 2 more to go, I’ll be sure to share!

  19. Avatar Of Nancy J. Dall

    Nancy J. Dall (verified owner)

    Ever since I used the cream, it became my goto cream when getting inked up. The product is awesome and it does it’s job well!

  20. Avatar Of Sylvia G. May

    Sylvia G. May (verified owner)

    Survived this torture thanks to the TKTX Numbing Cream

  21. Avatar Of Ronald B. Wallace

    Ronald B. Wallace (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel much. I followed instructions as they were written. Sat for about 2.5 hours didn’t feel much. I would definitely recommend to anyone in need of some relief during a tattoo.

  22. Avatar Of Rebecca W. Wadsworth

    Rebecca W. Wadsworth (verified owner)

    I sat for four hours getting this done and only felt the last 30 minutes this was two sittings but it’s amazing i highly recommend it i only put half one and wrapped it in cling film 90 minutes before amazing product

  23. Avatar Of Brittany T. Castillo

    Brittany T. Castillo (verified owner)

    I have fibromyalgia the cream helped with the pain. Just short of 3hrs.

  24. Avatar Of Diana W. Barcenas

    Diana W. Barcenas (verified owner)

    Back of my thigh. No pain!

  25. Avatar Of Jack L. Bray

    Jack L. Bray (verified owner)

    This cream worked amazingly! Only issue was I put it on a little too early. It lasts 3hrs and by the tail end of my session it was starting to wear off. I would highly recommend it. Definitely, will be using it in the future.

  26. Avatar Of Christina J. Spooner

    Christina J. Spooner (verified owner)

    So I started on a big leg piece and for the first session it was a flower on my knee. I was shocked how good it worked but about 2 hours into the tattoo it wore off. This stuff was amazing it made a 4.5 hour session on the knee cap bearable. The first 2 hours were pain free and without it I probably would’ve tapped much sooner. Sadly my body wouldn’t stop shaking so I couldn’t keep going with the shading. I am definitely buying more for my next session. For bigger tattoos get atleast 2 tubes of the numbing cream I got away with one for this session. Also if you are getting a bigger tattoo maybe try to Saran Wrap the sections separately so you can leave the cream on until you start to tattoo that section. Instructions say to reapply every 3 hours for longer tattoos but my artist said it might not be a good idea putting this cream on freshly tattooed skin.

  27. Avatar Of Stacey A. Huntsberry

    Stacey A. Huntsberry (verified owner)

    Definitely could not feel a thing, I’ve tried several other creams and sprays and none worked like this

  28. Avatar Of Chelsea C. Boyd

    Chelsea C. Boyd (verified owner)

    No pain great

  29. Avatar Of Melissa C. Chapman

    Melissa C. Chapman (verified owner)

    Have used Tattoo Numbing Cream for my whole back and chest. These are the most painful tattoo areas for me. With the cream applied I can almost go to sleep it’s that good.

  30. Avatar Of Ida C. Warren

    Ida C. Warren (verified owner)


  31. Avatar Of Stephanie D. Taylor

    Stephanie D. Taylor (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Pensilvânia in Harrisburg. Original product with authenticity seal

  32. Avatar Of Jeremy L. Thompson

    Jeremy L. Thompson (verified owner)

    i was super skeptical about using the cream but i was extremely surprised at the results! i will never got more ink without using the TKTX Numbing cream and you shouldn’t either. by far one of my best purchases.

  33. Avatar Of David M. Lenz

    David M. Lenz (verified owner)

    This Creme is unbelievable. You really don’t feel anything at all. I think it’s not very healthy for your skin bat you don’t gonna use it very often. So it wouldn’t be a big problem.

  34. Avatar Of Fatima Bogolyubova

    Fatima Bogolyubova (verified owner)


  35. Avatar Of Robert W. Villegas

    Robert W. Villegas (verified owner)

    Had a four hour tattoo session today, and this cream helped me through the entire thing. Sure, it began wearing off towards the end (as is expected from how long we went on for), but it works. Both my tattoo artist and I were shocked, in the best way. I will be using this again for sure.

  36. Avatar Of Višnja Kovačić

    Višnja Kovačić (verified owner)

    Proizvod s pečatom. izvrsno

  37. Avatar Of 池岡 朋美

    池岡 朋美 (verified owner)


  38. Avatar Of Deborah Fiorentini

    Deborah Fiorentini (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Cremona. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  39. Avatar Of Carlos K. Ayers

    Carlos K. Ayers (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and product is as expected. Can recommend the shop and product

  40. Avatar Of Jose M. Kline

    Jose M. Kline (verified owner)

    Quick shipping and worked great

  41. Avatar Of William J. Conner

    William J. Conner (verified owner)

    I use this when i microneedle (literally multiple needles stabbing into the face at once) and you can’t feel it AT ALL. An absolutely AMAZING product! (& ships really fast!)

  42. Avatar Of James C. Kee

    James C. Kee (verified owner)


  43. Avatar Of Svjetlana Ćosić

    Svjetlana Ćosić (verified owner)

    vrlo učinkovit

  44. Avatar Of Avery M. Wallen

    Avery M. Wallen (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Missouri in Jefferson City. Original product with authenticity seal

  45. Avatar Of Patricia M. Mckey

    Patricia M. McKey (verified owner)

    I love this cream. I truly recommend it. Follow instructions as they indicated. I didn’t follow things to a T as I was already out and about. However, I followed as best as I could and still the product was still AMAZING. I have more than several tattoos and this was my first time using such a cream. My tattoo came out beautiful!! I recommend this product

  46. Avatar Of Bautista Castaneda Berrios

    Bautista Castaneda Berrios (verified owner)

    Grado 10/10

  47. Avatar Of Sabrina Kunze

    Sabrina Kunze (verified owner)

    Ich habe dieses Produkt geliebt

  48. Avatar Of Lundy Lafrenière

    Lundy Lafrenière (verified owner)


  49. Avatar Of Victoria J. Parker

    Victoria J. Parker (verified owner)

    is breá le mo chustaiméirí

  50. Avatar Of Melissa J. Wolfe

    Melissa J. Wolfe (verified owner)

    obair 100%

  51. Avatar Of Vincent K. Austin

    Vincent K. Austin (verified owner)

    Thank you very much am going to need some more

  52. Avatar Of Ustinov Zaytseva

    Ustinov Zaytseva (verified owner)


  53. Avatar Of Tiffany S. Hood

    Tiffany S. Hood (verified owner)

    Followed the instructions & it worked great & for hours no pain at all! Will definitely use again!

  54. Avatar Of Ni Lü

    Ni Lü (verified owner)

    我在 3 小时内没有任何感觉

  55. Avatar Of Thelma A. Declue

    Thelma A. Declue (verified owner)

    Used this cream for the first time last week and it was brilliant!!! Had a tattoo cover up on my wrist on the inside where the veins are etc and felt nothing defo be using it all the time now.

  56. Avatar Of Chappell Charette

    Chappell Charette (verified owner)

    Utilisez toujours!

  57. Avatar Of Erich S. Brown

    Erich S. Brown (verified owner)

    It was a great experience to work with TKTX Company as i am very glad to have Black Numb Cream which is very good quality and stands like 4 hours minimum. Will purchase a new stock shortly. Kind Regards

  58. Avatar Of Valerie J. Vick

    Valerie J. Vick (verified owner)

    Worked brilliantly felt zero to no pain

  59. Avatar Of Claire Grivois

    Claire Grivois (verified owner)

    J’ai aimé!

  60. Avatar Of James A. Salvaggio

    James A. Salvaggio (verified owner)


  61. Avatar Of Paul E. Banks

    Paul E. Banks (verified owner)

    I used this product for the first time for microneeding. The product was excellent and thoroughly numbed my skin during and after the procedure. One thing I’ll be mindful for during the next procedure is that a little goes a long way, which should make the purchase last for several treatments. Shipping was also very fast.

  62. Avatar Of สุธารนันท์ โพธิ์ภูมี

    สุธารนันท์ โพธิ์ภูมี (verified owner)


  63. Avatar Of Amín Sandoval Madrigal

    Amín Sandoval Madrigal (verified owner)

    muy efectivo

  64. Avatar Of Doris J. Thomas

    Doris J. Thomas (verified owner)

    As a tattoo artist myself, I can say this stuff works like no other. I went and got my throat tattooed and the only thing I felt was vibrations! 100% recommend!!!

  65. Avatar Of John C. Gutierrez

    John C. Gutierrez (verified owner)

    Perfect, super fast shipping, fully recommended product

  66. Avatar Of Ryan M. Yeomans

    Ryan M. Yeomans (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Maine in Augusta. Original product with authenticity seal

  67. Avatar Of Paul Maur

    Paul Maur (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Herne. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  68. Avatar Of Dré Huang

    Dré Huang (verified owner)

    Zeer goed, origineel product

  69. Avatar Of Abdelali Sinnema

    Abdelali Sinnema (verified owner)

    voel niets

  70. Avatar Of Steven M. Daniels

    Steven M. Daniels (verified owner)

    I was skeptical this would work despite the reviews but I am soo thankful and relieved that I purchased this product. I felt literally NO pain maybe 90% of my tattoo.

    I was very numb for 3.5 hrs of a 4 hr session. Even then, it was more irritation/heat towards the end when artist was shading and wiping with paper towel but nothing serious.

    100% purchasing again.

  71. Avatar Of Safae Van Rijnsoever

    Safae van Rijnsoever (verified owner)

    Ik zet geen tatoeages meer zonder dit product

  72. Avatar Of Jemina Corrales Ordóñez

    Jemina Corrales Ordóñez (verified owner)

    ¡Eso es muy bueno!

  73. Avatar Of Walter L. Junker

    Walter L. Junker (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Connecticut in Hartford. Original product with authenticity seal

  74. Avatar Of Newton M. Cox

    Newton M. Cox (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Kansas in Topeka. Original product with authenticity seal

  75. Avatar Of John A. Chen

    John A. Chen (verified owner)

    It works well as long as you follow all of the instructions

  76. Avatar Of Naja T. Larsen

    Naja T. Larsen (verified owner)

    Sidder i 5 timers tatovering uden absolut smerte!

  77. Avatar Of Mei Pai

    Mei Pai (verified owner)


  78. Avatar Of Melania Trevisani

    Melania Trevisani (verified owner)

    Il migliore che ho usato. Funziona velocemente.

  79. Avatar Of Patricia W. Brogan

    Patricia W. Brogan (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Arkansas in Little Rock. Original product with authenticity seal

  80. Avatar Of Amorette Édouard

    Amorette Édouard (verified owner)

    Dëst ass erstaunlech

  81. Avatar Of Jessica R. Dick

    Jessica R. Dick (verified owner)

    This shit is the bomb!!! I’m a huge baby when it comes to tattoos. I can’t feel a thing.
    A++I highly recommend.

  82. Avatar Of Miloš Petković

    Miloš Petković (verified owner)

    Tetovaža bez boli!

  83. Avatar Of Marlene T. Brown

    Marlene T. Brown (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Arizona in Phoenix. Original product with authenticity seal

  84. Avatar Of Fosca Pagnotto

    Fosca Pagnotto (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Sesto San Giovanni. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  85. Avatar Of Floyd S. Rivera

    Floyd S. Rivera (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. Original product with authenticity seal

  86. Avatar Of Sharon K. Robbins

    Sharon K. Robbins (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Nebraska in Lincoln. Original product with authenticity seal

  87. Avatar Of 青池 良子

    青池 良子 (verified owner)


  88. Avatar Of Martha M. Flanigan

    Martha M. Flanigan (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Idaho in Boise. Original product with authenticity seal

  89. Avatar Of Gabrielly Cardoso Fernandes

    Gabrielly Cardoso Fernandes (verified owner)

    Vou comprar novamente

  90. Avatar Of Mary A. Carter

    Mary A. Carter (verified owner)

    I have tattoos all over but was really not looking forward to my chest tattoo or the back of my arm. But I didn’t feel ANYTHING!!! There is no product out there that can compare to this one! It’s the BEST.

  91. Avatar Of Dolores E. Flanigan

    Dolores E. Flanigan (verified owner)

    I’ve never used numbing cream for a tattoo in my life, but I was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome. So my pain in that area especially is heightened but the tattoo is rly meaningful, so Damnit it was getting it! If it wasn’t for this cream I wouldn’t have made it through. This S#!T was the bomb! I barely felt a thing, just a little near the end of the 3.5 hrs. Will be using it again, to get the rest finished up

  92. Avatar Of James R. Mcrae

    James R. McRae (verified owner)

    This product works amazingly well. I have to say I was skeptical at first but it lasted almost 4 hours long. This is my biggest tattoo to date and is a cover up towards the calf. If you follow the instructions exactly you will enjoy a pain free experience. The only tip I can give you is that if its a big piece make sure your tattoo artist doesn’t take all the plastic wrap off at once. Take off in sections because as soon as the air hits it your time starts ticking down. I will forever recommend this product and will continue to buy it for any future tattoos. Order early because you may be waiting a little for delivery.

  93. Avatar Of Ruth F. Patterson

    Ruth F. Patterson (verified owner)

    It really works!

  94. Avatar Of Mike S. Thompson

    Mike S. Thompson (verified owner)

    LOVE!!!!!!! Didn’t feel a thing. I can’t wait to buy more and get more tattoos ha ha

  95. Avatar Of Gloria J. Bledsoe

    Gloria J. Bledsoe (verified owner)

    4 sessions, 3-4 hours each.. I felt nothing! Kind of a sensitive area! This stuff rocks!

  96. Avatar Of Brooke M. Sharp

    Brooke M. Sharp (verified owner)

    I hardly felt a thing. I was super impressed. It did wear off after 2 hours, which is almost about the time the whole tattoo took.

  97. Avatar Of Jennifer B. Mendoza

    Jennifer B. Mendoza (verified owner)

    My client left it on 90 mins prior to his appointment. We did the outline then covered the top with the cream as I coloured in the bottom. Around 6 hours with minimum pain at moments

  98. Avatar Of Elaine G. Davis

    Elaine G. Davis (verified owner)

    I bought the cream, scheduled my tattoo and I got it. Didn’t hurt at all, just felt the vibration. It’s so wonderful, I’m placing an order for more to get more tats.

  99. Avatar Of John M. Jackson

    John M. Jackson (verified owner)

    Ive had a few tattoos before but was having one done on my side.
    I used this cream for the first time and now I will never have another tattoo without it!
    This is just one sitting and still have another to go….but this sitting took
    4 1/2 hrs and I didn’t feel a thing!
    Right near the very end of the
    4 1/2 hrs I did start to feel the needle but I can’t complain at all.
    This stuff is absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a painless tattoo!

  100. Avatar Of Paul M. Lechuga

    Paul M. Lechuga (verified owner)

    Sat through this whole tattoo on my calf with no issues. Did not feel anything for 4 hours. Will buy again.

  101. Avatar Of Louis B. Mcintyre

    Louis B. McIntyre (verified owner)

    I’m 57 years old Yesterday was my 1st tattoo appointment !!! I was sooo scared. But thanks to this amazing cream it was a pain free amazing experience for me ❤️

  102. Avatar Of Carl J. Parker

    Carl J. Parker (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Califórnia in Sacramento. Original product with authenticity seal

  103. Avatar Of Ronald K. Myers

    Ronald K. Myers (verified owner)

    It worked great! I didn’t feel a thing for the first two and a half hours and after reapplying, I didn’t feel any of the actually tattooing for the other two and a half hours! This is the biggest piece that I have and the longest that I’ve ever sat and had no problems and would definitely use it again!

  104. Avatar Of Dennis P. Blanco

    Dennis P. Blanco (verified owner)

    great cream

  105. Avatar Of Mellisa D. Russ

    Mellisa D. Russ (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Oregon in Salem. Original product with authenticity seal

  106. Avatar Of Elizabeth F. Crews

    Elizabeth F. Crews (verified owner)

    It really numb but it takes soooooo long to get the product but once you get it and use it, you would wish you ordered several tubes. I’ve ordered two more tubes to finish up my tattoo

  107. Avatar Of Robert T. Bryant

    Robert T. Bryant (verified owner)

    Seirbhís iontach, loingseoireacht thapa

  108. Avatar Of Karen A. Ramos

    Karen A. Ramos (verified owner)

    Original product as informed

  109. Avatar Of James S. Allen

    James S. Allen (verified owner)

    Good and fast product

  110. Avatar Of Valentino Lucchesi

    Valentino Lucchesi (verified owner)

    Spedizione veloce e funziona benissimo

  111. Avatar Of Wayne A. Highland

    Wayne A. Highland (verified owner)

    Thank you so much, I got it and it helped witha big tattoo I was working on 🙂

  112. Avatar Of William D. Johnson

    William D. Johnson (verified owner)

    The products work great. However, the size and packaging of the product I highly dislike. I wish there was a larger size in a jar type container for easier application. With the tubes, they are just too small and not enough product per tube. I feel like I’m not able to utilize the entire tube due to the waist of product remaining in the tube when you deplete it.

  113. Avatar Of Preston M. Fields

    Preston M. Fields (verified owner)

    the best of the best, I loved it now I’m a regular customer

  114. Avatar Of Nicolas K. Trotter

    Nicolas K. Trotter (verified owner)


  115. Avatar Of 野藤 禎子

    野藤 禎子 (verified owner)


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    สุชฏาพร ทองดอนบม (verified owner)


  118. Avatar Of Leanna D. Miller

    Leanna D. Miller (verified owner)

    I did this bowser on myself on my shin below the knee. I didn’t feel ANYTHING during. The after it wears off hits like a ton of bricks. I do feel using this made me have more swelling and Inflammation AFTER the tattoo was finished the 3 days after. I don’t think my body likes this but I LOVE it and everyone is different! I wouldn’t have been able to pull this tattoo off without it PERIOD. I highly recommend this especially for super sensitive areas. Just keep kn mind you may have more swelling than tattoos without it but it’s OK and will still heal just as vibrant!

  119. Avatar Of Keith B. Speidel

    Keith B. Speidel (verified owner)

    Put product on about an hour before. Cream kicked in about 40minutes in and worked great! Reapplied about 3times and all I could feel was my skin vibrating.

  120. Avatar Of Frank M. Smith

    Frank M. Smith (verified owner)

    Worked better than expected! Not only did the cream numb my knee, I didn’t feel anything for about 4hrs. I will be using this for all my tattoos! This was the most relaxing tattoo session ever.

    Only issue, it irritated my skin. The cream left a red rash, which went away about an hour after wiping off.

  121. Avatar Of Emily W. Wright

    Emily W. Wright (verified owner)

    Applied as directed. Lasted just over 2 hours. This knee was a walk in the park using TKTX Numbing Cream compared to the other knee without it. I suggest applying thicker and longer than directed.

  122. Avatar Of Elliott B. Barber

    Elliott B. Barber (verified owner)

    This stuff works!!!! I was absolutely pain free for approximately 3 hours. My tattoo still came out with awesome colour and detail, and no skin irritation. I will be using this product again!

  123. Avatar Of Maria E. Phillips

    Maria E. Phillips (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first but it really works I was stoked so I ordered more

  124. Avatar Of Larry M. Hernandez

    Larry M. Hernandez (verified owner)

    W/ the cream I’ve gotten a full leg sleeve, to rib tats & to calf tats… #PAINLESS… I order 4-6 at a time

  125. Avatar Of Vivien Ledoux

    Vivien Ledoux (verified owner)

    Black 55% The Best TKTX Numbing Cream Anesthetic 3-5 hours Fast Semi Permanent Skin Body Duration

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    Nina S. Garza (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Nova York in Albany. Original product with authenticity seal

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    Maryann M. Lynn (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Wisconsin in Madison. Original product with authenticity seal

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    Logan C. Matthews (verified owner)

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    Chandler Louis (verified owner)

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  130. Avatar Of Kathrine R. Flaugher

    Kathrine R. Flaugher (verified owner)

    Got this tattoo over my ribcage. After using tattoo numbing cream I didn’t feel a thing. I actually fell asleep during the tattoo. Highly recommend

  131. Avatar Of Thurman T. Bundy

    Thurman T. Bundy (verified owner)

    Love it, almost done the first tube now. But this stuff really helps with eliminating most of the pain, sometimes I feel no pain at all. Great product. Would recommend for sure.

  132. Avatar Of Valerie H. Taylor

    Valerie H. Taylor (verified owner)

    I’m not without this product

  133. Avatar Of Preston N. Bailey

    Preston N. Bailey (verified owner)

    Couldn’t feel a thing first time using ny numbing cream and wow..defo be using again

  134. Avatar Of Ginger J. Groves

    Ginger J. Groves (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Flórida in Tallahassee. Original product with authenticity seal

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    Anthony S. Bell (verified owner)

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    Anthony S. Bell (verified owner)

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    Fealty Bélanger (verified owner)

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    Anwar Rajih Shammas (verified owner)

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    Duccio Cocci (verified owner)

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    Giusy Mazzi (verified owner)

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  141. Avatar Of ดัชนีย์ ศรีจันทร์งาม

    ดัชนีย์ ศรีจันทร์งาม (verified owner)


  142. Avatar Of Marlene W. Robards

    Marlene W. Robards (verified owner)

    Used this product and it was amazing again. Painless and easy

  143. Avatar Of Daniel F. Ramirez

    Daniel F. Ramirez (verified owner)

    Super !!!!!!!!

  144. Avatar Of Felix E. Trent

    Felix E. Trent (verified owner)

    Works a treat I’ve tried TKTX and it just didn’t compete but it is expensive

  145. Avatar Of Matthew L. King

    Matthew L. King (verified owner)

    I used 2 tubes in tattoo of large thigh… it went completely dormant for 5 hours and 2 hours after the tattoo was completed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  146. Avatar Of Rebecca J. Kristoffersen

    Rebecca J. Kristoffersen (verified owner)

    Jeg elsker denne creme

  147. Avatar Of Susan R. Davis

    Susan R. Davis (verified owner)

    Totally works and I was skeptical at first. This is my third time using for a session. The only problem is not putting enough product if you under estimate the size of the area of the piece. 10/10 recommend

  148. Avatar Of Nuncio Escamilla Atencio

    Nuncio Escamilla Atencio (verified owner)

    Producto con precinto. excelente

  149. Avatar Of Vatroslav Antunović

    Vatroslav Antunović (verified owner)

    10/10 ocjena

  150. Avatar Of Ma E. Dinwiddie

    Ma E. Dinwiddie (verified owner)

    I applied as directions stated and couldn’t feel a thing for the first half of my session. I should’ve reapplied, but will absolutely use again in the future and would fully recommend this product to others.

  151. Avatar Of Rosaria Padovano

    Rosaria Padovano (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Trieste. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  152. Avatar Of Sara G. Hayes

    Sara G. Hayes (verified owner)

    Pierced my nipples and didn’t feel thing!! Will be using in my sleeve next week!!

  153. Avatar Of Salvatore A. Blankenship

    Salvatore A. Blankenship (verified owner)

    Best one I have used so far. Last about hour half,but you keep applying throughout and does the job!

  154. Avatar Of Cassandra D. Hansen

    Cassandra D. Hansen (verified owner)

    Rubbed it in about 60 mins before my tattoo. I couldn’t feel a thing, highly highly recommend!!!

  155. Avatar Of Raghib Abdul-Qayyum Nader

    Raghib Abdul-Qayyum Nader (verified owner)

    أحببت هذا الكريم المخدر

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    รุจิรัตน์ เกิดโภคา (verified owner)


  157. Avatar Of สุชมภูนุช ยศธสาร

    สุชมภูนุช ยศธสาร (verified owner)


  158. Avatar Of Geoffrey S. Brown

    Geoffrey S. Brown (verified owner)

    When start the session I didn’t believe that I didn’t feel anything. It was a satisfying hour with no pain.

  159. Avatar Of Mark A. Gardner

    Mark A. Gardner (verified owner)

    11/10. Went for these difficult spots since it’s my firs time using an aid. I won’t get tattooed again without it.

  160. Avatar Of Jared K. Ventura

    Jared K. Ventura (verified owner)

    Legit best stuff i EVER used!!! Before learning about this stuff i used dr. numb and wow that is NOTHING compared to this! I will forever buy TKTX Numbing Cream! Little tip: do not put on any lotions prior to the tattoo spot put on about a layer or two wrap that bitch up for an hour and half – don’t take it off until your artist is ready to put on that stencil! Also who cares what anybody thinks COMFORT over everything. I’d rather be chillin for 3-6 hours than in pain.

  161. Avatar Of Richard K. Poffenberger

    Richard K. Poffenberger (verified owner)

    Literally didn’t feel a thing.

  162. Avatar Of Roy J. Stewart

    Roy J. Stewart (verified owner)

    I was getting my hips tattooed and this numbing cream saved the day! It makes for a more enjoyable tattoo experience with this magical numbing cream. Now I can enjoy my ink without the pain and suffering in sensitive areas!!!

  163. Avatar Of Chad M. Lassiter

    Chad M. Lassiter (verified owner)

    I won’t use anything else! I find that most TKTX Numbing creams don’t work at all or are very dangerous to your health. I have never had any bad side effects from this numbing cream & it has worked on my thighs, my feet & my neck! I’m a 100% loyal customer & I will never use another TKTX Numbing cream ever! You need this cream at your next appointment! I’m use if it to finish my neck & I didn’t have any on my very first appt. Believe me when I say that I didn’t feel anything on my 2nd appt and the doses of 1/2 tube or 1 tube is safe for you!

  164. Avatar Of Margo C. Lowman

    Margo C. Lowman (verified owner)

    This cream is sorcery, I genuinely did not feel anything during my session.

  165. Avatar Of Debra Z. Robey

    Debra Z. Robey (verified owner)

    I have fibromyalgia and it’s very painful for me to get Tattoo’s but I love them. I was introduced to the product and it has changed my life!!! I definitely recommend this product!!

  166. Avatar Of Ted W. Pettry

    Ted W. Pettry (verified owner)

    Excellent product!!!!

  167. Avatar Of Angel B. Porterfield

    Angel B. Porterfield (verified owner)

    This stuff was F***ing AMAZING…my artist was so happy I found something that finally worked for me. He was able to really take his time and not worry about me having a heartattack from the pain. I’m a punk when it comes to pain…now I’ll be able to finish my body work without being in misery!

  168. Avatar Of Josephine M. Pope

    Josephine M. Pope (verified owner)

    It works amazing! My artist (Instagram) @senpaiiiart has been recommending it to all his canvases and we love it

  169. Avatar Of Ina C. Howard

    Ina C. Howard (verified owner)

    I didn’t have faith in this product but I’ll gladly recommend this to anybody. I did the outline without the cream and it was painful. I applied the cream for the shading and I was able to relax. I’ll use this again fasho

  170. Avatar Of Corinne C. Webster

    Corinne C. Webster (verified owner)

    I felt nothing and this is not a good area for tattoo! It was a very enjoyable experience!

  171. Avatar Of Jim B. Williams

    Jim B. Williams (verified owner)

    Fantástica la pasé muy bien en mi proceso. 🙂 dolor 1 de 10.

  172. Avatar Of Jessica J. Sotomayor

    Jessica J. Sotomayor (verified owner)

    Brilliant product didn’t feel a thing thanks will definitely be ordering again.

  173. Avatar Of Amy R. Mayhew

    Amy R. Mayhew (verified owner)

    Put the numbing creme on 90 min before my appointment and sat through the whole session with zero pain. I have over 20 tattoos and never used numbing creme before. This was a game changer for sure. Was completely numb for 5 hours. Will definitely use again.

  174. Avatar Of Latrice P. Randolph

    Latrice P. Randolph (verified owner)

    Thank you for making it bearable! I have gotten plenty of tattoos and never used numbing cream. Since moving to Japan, they are a LOT more painful and this has been a life saver. You can actually enjoy getting art!

  175. Avatar Of Marsha G. Machado

    Marsha G. Machado (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Rhode Island in Providence. Original product with authenticity seal

  176. Avatar Of Christoffer N. Vestergaard

    Christoffer N. Vestergaard (verified owner)

    Det er langt den bedste bedøvelsescreme jeg nogensinde har oplevet at bruge

  177. Avatar Of Jack M. Allan

    Jack M. Allan (verified owner)

    Very happy with order!

  178. Avatar Of Boyd S. Lucas

    Boyd S. Lucas (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Minnesota in Saint Paul. Original product with authenticity seal

  179. Avatar Of Scott B. Whalen

    Scott B. Whalen (verified owner)

    It’s was the best didn’t feel a thing. Will be ordering more.

  180. Avatar Of Sandra Bach

    Sandra Bach (verified owner)

    Das Beste

  181. Avatar Of Čika Horvat

    Čika Horvat (verified owner)

    To je odlično!

  182. Avatar Of Li Wei Cheng

    Li Wei Cheng (verified owner)


  183. Avatar Of 寺川 法子

    寺川 法子 (verified owner)


  184. Avatar Of Kim T. Pace

    Kim T. Pace (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel anything.. This product is absolutely amazing.

  185. Avatar Of Sivan Nieskens

    Sivan Nieskens (verified owner)

    ik ben echt blij

  186. Avatar Of Wanda T. Hawkins

    Wanda T. Hawkins (verified owner)

    I will never get another tattoo with out using this product first. I felt NOTHING when it came time to getting my tattoo. Absolutely incredible. I cannot recommend it enough.

  187. Avatar Of Pipaluk Broberg

    Pipaluk Broberg (verified owner)

    ¡Muy feliz con el pedido!

  188. Avatar Of Eva Abelsen

    Eva Abelsen (verified owner)


  189. Avatar Of Wayne M. Corey

    Wayne M. Corey (verified owner)

    Got my first tattoo the other day and was extremely nervous as I had no idea what the pain was going to be like and I was getting it on my ribs (normally the sorest place to get a tattoo) and honestly I didn’t feel one thing, I actually asked the girl had she already started tattooing me as I didn’t know she started! Highly recommend

  190. Avatar Of Thais Galkina

    Thais Galkina (verified owner)

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  191. Avatar Of Jeffrey C. Finley

    Jeffrey C. Finley (verified owner)

    It worked perfect. I absolutely will be buying more for my next one

  192. Avatar Of Steven M. Grayson

    Steven M. Grayson (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Ohio in Columbus. Original product with authenticity seal

  193. Avatar Of Andreas T. Simonsen

    Andreas T. Simonsen (verified owner)

    gør hvad du siger

  194. Avatar Of Keith E. Neal

    Keith E. Neal (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this numbing cream. I didn’t feel a thing for HOURS! The best cream I have ever used and wouldn’t ever use another.

  195. Avatar Of Mark S. Ernst

    Mark S. Ernst (verified owner)

    Definitely ordering more .. Works Great

  196. Avatar Of Abdul-Khabir Khaled Khouri

    Abdul-Khabir Khaled Khouri (verified owner)

    أنا دائما أتسوق في هذا الموقع. جيد جدا!

  197. Avatar Of Atiyah Salsabil Quraishi

    Atiyah Salsabil Quraishi (verified owner)

    منتج رائع

  198. Avatar Of Elizabeth D. Reade

    Elizabeth D. Reade (verified owner)

    Fast delivery!

  199. Avatar Of Keith L. Moody

    Keith L. Moody (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Havaí in Honolulu. Original product with authenticity seal

  200. Avatar Of 田之上 彩花

    田之上 彩花 (verified owner)


  201. Avatar Of Jessica P. Wang

    Jessica P. Wang (verified owner)

    Worked ok for about hour and a half then wore off. I was hoping it would last longer for the price I paid for it.

  202. Avatar Of Melanie Propst

    Melanie Propst (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Bottrop. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  203. Avatar Of Jeremy T. Fullerton

    Jeremy T. Fullerton (verified owner)

    Best cream hands down… ordered a couple cases to get things done.. love this stuff.

  204. Avatar Of Jonathan H. Bloomfield

    Jonathan H. Bloomfield (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Massachusetts in Boston. Original product with authenticity seal

  205. Avatar Of Elsie K. Fleischmann

    Elsie K. Fleischmann (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Wyoming in Cheyenne. Original product with authenticity seal

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    Alfonsina Sagese (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Pomezia. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  207. Avatar Of Katheryn R. Schaal

    Katheryn R. Schaal (verified owner)

    Had an amazing experience with the TKTX Numbing cream.I am heavily tattooed and It was the most relaxing sitting I’ve ever had. I will most definitely be purchasing again.

  208. Avatar Of Wayne E. Enriquez

    Wayne E. Enriquez (verified owner)

    With almost having 1/2 my body tattooed I’ve definitely used different types of numbing sprays and creams but nothing compares to The TKTX Numbing Cream. My artists Shlomi Kastiel and Mikey Montoya could of made me a better suggestion. Extremely glad I listed and I am completely satisfied with this product. I felt absolutely nothing for over 4hrs! Use it, it works. My most recent pieces were in a tough spot the inner body parts of each rib cage section. Again, felt nothing. Simply follow the instructions and enjoy your next tattoo the same way.

  209. Avatar Of Gladys H. Mack

    Gladys H. Mack (verified owner)

    Cream was brillant, couldnt feel a thing

  210. Avatar Of Sabina R. Judd

    Sabina R. Judd (verified owner)

    Amazing numbing cream. Was numb for over 4 hours!! Didn’t feel a thing!!

  211. Avatar Of Audrey R. Saylor

    Audrey R. Saylor (verified owner)

    We purchased the cream for hubby as we knew it would be a big one and he loved it! We only used 1 tube on his top back area and he sat through this almost 5 hour tatt session in one hit without struggling with the pain and feeling great about it. I have now purchased another 2 for myself as it’s my turn to get mine done in the next 11 days and it’s bigger and will be going on my side stomach all the way down to the top thigh area. Am looking forward to seeing how it goes, not feeling the actual pain for once.

  212. Avatar Of Robert D. Tolleson

    Robert D. Tolleson (verified owner)

    Highly recommended

  213. Avatar Of Steve R. Chaffee

    Steve R. Chaffee (verified owner)

    So this product definitely will have you Numb Numb! I didnt feel any of the line work and id say about 75% of the shading. Only draw back is when your artist is shading and wiping it will gradually dissipate the numbing & once its gone, which I felt everything in the last hour of my 4 hour session, its back to the pain hahahaha! If this product was more tolerable to being “wiped” away I would say without a doubt this is a god send for the bad spots: stomach, ribs, elbow, inner bicep or ever stre…

  214. Avatar Of Paul L. Ramirez

    Paul L. Ramirez (verified owner)

    I applied the cream to the back of my hand an hour before my appointment. I never felt a thing and I got an awesome tattoo in the process.

  215. Avatar Of Jack K. Bell

    Jack K. Bell (verified owner)

    Honestly didn’t feel a thing!! Will definitely be using again!

  216. Avatar Of Diane A. Robinson

    Diane A. Robinson (verified owner)

    Went in for a cover up. Took pain level from a 10 to a 2. Will definitely use again

  217. Avatar Of Reginald J. Zimmer

    Reginald J. Zimmer (verified owner)

    I will never get another tattoo without this stuff, hands down the best I stay numb for 4 to 5 hours

  218. Avatar Of Ralph D. Webb

    Ralph D. Webb (verified owner)

    Not for me at all

  219. Avatar Of Cristie R. Reynolds

    Cristie R. Reynolds (verified owner)

    I own a business that does Plasma Pen treatments. This procedure is very painful, especially around the eye area, so the use of numbing cream is a MUST! I have been using other numbing creams for the last 5 years and my clients could still feel their treatment and would sometimes have to stop. Someone mentioned tattoo numbing cream and I figured, WHY not?? I am so amazed at the results I have been getting with it!!! My clients can’t feel their treatment anymore, which makes it SSSOOOOOOO much easier to work on them. Plus, they are numb for hours after we are done!

  220. Avatar Of Ashley J. Reed

    Ashley J. Reed (verified owner)

    Felt no pain at all during my tattoo laser removal!! Highly recommend this

  221. Avatar Of Barbara C. Manley

    Barbara C. Manley (verified owner)

    It works but I feel the more the artist wipes the area the numbing doesn’t last as long but I would not get another tattoo without this cream though

  222. Avatar Of Robert L. Dabney

    Robert L. Dabney (verified owner)

    Inner thigh was a piece of cake! This stuff is awesome

  223. Avatar Of James A. Bryant

    James A. Bryant (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing, I didnt feel a thing for over 3 hours.

  224. Avatar Of Lana J. Hargreaves

    Lana J. Hargreaves (verified owner)

    My daughters first tattoo and thanks to you guys…..NO PAIN!!!
    I’m ordering more for my back piece that I’m having done This is a game changer.

  225. Avatar Of Jaye F. Suhr

    Jaye F. Suhr (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Dakota do Sul in Pierre. Original product with authenticity seal

  226. Avatar Of Shirley A. Merrick

    Shirley A. Merrick (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Utah in Salt Lake City. Original product with authenticity seal

  227. Avatar Of Joan J. Mosqueda

    Joan J. Mosqueda (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Washington in Olympia. Original product with authenticity seal

  228. Avatar Of Joshua S. Carter

    Joshua S. Carter (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Illinois in Springfield. Original product with authenticity seal

  229. Avatar Of Sara B. Blatt

    Sara B. Blatt (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Indiana in Indianápolis. Original product with authenticity seal

  230. Avatar Of Betty R. Fowler

    Betty R. Fowler (verified owner)

    I put the cream on and wrapped it in clear plastic wrap 2 hours before my appointment. When I got to the shop I unwrapped my arm and the artist (John Robinson), prepped the area and put the stencil on and he started. I did not feel anything for 4.5 hours. I sat so still he could it all the tattoo done in one setting. I will definitely buy this again. Awesome, thanks!

  231. Avatar Of Roy V. Orenstein

    Roy V. Orenstein (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Kentucky in Frankfort. Original product with authenticity seal

  232. Avatar Of Jamie J. Maule

    Jamie J. Maule (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Alabama in Montgomery. Original product with authenticity seal

  233. Avatar Of Daniel Schulz

    Daniel Schulz (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Kassel. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  234. Avatar Of Annett Furst

    Annett Furst (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Berlim. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  235. Avatar Of Gerald J. Dugger

    Gerald J. Dugger (verified owner)

    I’m not the type to believe in these but dude I totally recommend this one didn’t feel a thing and for it to be on my chest I’m buying more as im writing this!!!!!

  236. Avatar Of Philipp Zimmerman

    Philipp Zimmerman (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Nuremberga. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  237. Avatar Of Joyce A. Brown

    Joyce A. Brown (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Colorado in Denver. Original product with authenticity seal

  238. Avatar Of Kevin P. Corker

    Kevin P. Corker (verified owner)

    I bought TKTX Numbing Cream Black 55% , and it arrived very fast. I live in USA, Mississippi in Jackson. Original product with authenticity seal

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