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Get to know TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original!

TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original is a revolutionary solution to minimize discomfort during dermatological and aesthetic procedures. Developed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, this anesthetic ointment combines a powerful 55% concentration of active ingredients to guarantee effective pain relief.

This advanced formula has been specially developed to provide a fast and long-lasting anesthetic effect, making it ideal for a variety of procedures such as tattoos, laser hair removal, micropigmentation and other cosmetic treatments. The rapid absorption technology of TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original allows easy application and fast action, significantly reducing the sensation of pain and discomfort associated with these procedures.

Furthermore, the formula contains carefully selected ingredients to minimize possible allergic reactions, providing a safe experience for users. The cream's smooth, non-greasy texture makes it easy to apply, ensuring uniform coverage of the area to be treated.

With TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original, professionals and clients can enjoy more comfortable procedures, without compromising the quality of the final result. Raising the standard in anesthetic care, this product stands out as a reliable choice for anyone seeking an effective, high-quality solution for pain relief during cosmetic procedures.

Potent 55% Numbing Power:

With a robust 55% concentration of active ingredients, TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original ensures a powerful numbing effect, making it ideal for tattoos, piercings, and minor skin procedures. Say goodbye to unnecessary discomfort and hello to a pain-free experience!

Rapid Action, Time-Saving Comfort:

No one likes to wait. TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original is designed for efficiency, delivering fast-acting relief so you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your skin procedure.

Trusted by Professionals Worldwide:

Join the ranks of professionals who rely on TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original. Tattoo artists, skincare experts, and beauty professionals trust our cream for its reliability and exceptional numbing performance.

Versatile Comfort for Various Procedures:

Whether it's a tattoo session, piercing, laser treatment, or any other skin procedure, TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original is your go-to companion for a painless and stress-free experience.

Easy Application, Maximum Results:

The application is a breeze! Simply apply a thin, even layer to the targeted area, wait for the recommended time, and proceed with your procedure. It's that simple!

Your Confidence, Our Priority:

We understand the importance of feeling confident during your beauty and skincare journey. TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original empowers you to express yourself without the unnecessary discomfort often associated with skin procedures.

TKTX Quality:

Trust in the quality synonymous with the TKTX brand. TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original is crafted with precision, meeting the highest industry standards to deliver a reliable and effective numbing solution.

Order Yours Today:

Don't let pain hold you back. Elevate your experience with TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original. Click "Add to Cart" now and redefine the way you approach beauty and self-expression!

Experience the Comfort. Embrace the Confidence. Choose TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original.

Main questions:

How long does the anesthetic action last?
We have to Effect (3 to 5 hours). Following the correct application!

Which layer of the skin is anesthetized?
Reaches the 3 layers of the skin. Epidermis, Dermis, Hypodermis

What is the anesthetic power of this product?
The anesthetic power of this product is 55%


TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream
TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream

TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original: Certified Safety and Cruelty-Free Assurance

At TKTX, we prioritize your safety and ethical values. We are proud to announce that our TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original holds two significant certifications: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Cruelty-Free status.

MSDS Certification:

Our commitment to your well-being is reflected in the MSDS certification. This comprehensive document outlines the product's composition, potential hazards, and safe usage guidelines. You can trust that TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest safety standards.

Cruelty-Free Assurance:

We believe in beauty without cruelty. TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original proudly carries the Cruelty-Free certification, affirming that our product is developed without any harm to animals. We stand against animal testing and remain devoted to providing you with ethical and humane products.

Why Choose TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original:

  • Certified Safety: MSDS certification guarantees a product that prioritizes your safety.
  • Ethical Beauty: Our commitment to being Cruelty-Free aligns with your values for ethical and responsible choices.

Experience the comfort of TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original with the confidence that it meets not only the highest safety standards but also ethical considerations. Choose a product that cares for you and the world.

Join us in the journey towards safe, ethical, and cruelty-free skincare. Experience TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original today!

How to Use TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original ?

Step 1: Clean and Dry

Before applying TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original, ensure that the targeted skin area is clean and completely dry. Cleaning the area helps remove any impurities and ensures optimal absorption of the numbing cream.

Step 2: Application

Dispense a small amount of TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original and apply it evenly to the desired skin area. Use a gentle, circular motion to ensure thorough coverage. It's essential to apply a thin layer to achieve the best results.

Step 4: Gentle Massage

Gently massage the area to distribute the TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original evenly. This helps with absorption and effective skin coverage.

Step 5: Wait for Absorption

Allow the numbing cream to absorb into the skin. The recommended waiting time can vary, so refer to the product instructions for guidance. This waiting period is crucial for the cream to take full effect and provide maximum numbing relief during your skin procedure.

Step 6: Procedure

Once the waiting period is complete and you feel the numbing effect, proceed with your skin procedure as directed. Whether it's a tattoo, piercing, laser treatment, or another skin-related process, you can confidently go through the experience with reduced discomfort.

Important Note: Consult product instructions for specific information on duration of action and possible precautions. Guidance from a healthcare professional is recommended before use.


  • Follow the instructions provided with the product carefully.
  • Avoid using excessive amounts of the numbing cream.
  • In case of any adverse reactions or concerns, consult with a healthcare professional or the guidance of your skin procedure professional.


Don't let pain hinder your journey to self-expression or skincare. TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original empowers you to embrace every procedure with confidence and comfort. Elevate your experience – order your TKTX Gold 55% Numbing Cream Original today and redefine the way you approach skin procedures.

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Additional Information
Weight 10 g
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 2 cm
Color Cream

White, Pink

Average Anesthetic Effect Time

3 to 5 hours (with correct application), depending on the type of skin

Base ingredient

Benzilic alcohol, carbon, lecithin, propylene glycol, tocopherol acetate, water

Brand / Manufacturer



MSDS and Cruelty Free


Lidocaine 7%, Prilocaine 7%, Epinephrine 2%

Occupation area

Each product efficiently serves an area of approximately 20 x 20 centimeters.


Hong Kong

Package content

1 Tube with holographic seal

Tube Material



2 (two) years

Validity after opening

Keep tightly closed, use within 30 days

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Customer Reviews (416)

  1. Avatar of Thiago Lima Costa

    Thiago Lima Costa (verified owner)

    Muito bom produc

  2. Avatar of Kenneth A. Buckner

    Kenneth A. Buckner (verified owner)

    I had my right knee tattooed and didn’t feel much at all for the first 3 and a bit hours which made the whole process so much easier. I really followed the instructions and left it on for an hour before hand to get the best affect. I will definitely be using again

  3. Avatar of Harold A. Louder

    Harold A. Louder (verified owner)

    I use TKTX numbing cream with a derma roller. I apply a thin layer and put cling film over it for 60 minutes before starting treatment. It completely numbs the area and I can’t feel the 1.5mm needles at all.

  4. Avatar of Mitch Barry

    Mitch Barry (verified owner)

    It working vary well for big tattoo

  5. Avatar of Richard F. Whaley

    Richard F. Whaley (verified owner)

    Love the cream have been using it on all my tattoos recently have got a lot more now that I don’t feel the pain well worth buying

  6. Avatar of Timothy T. Olsen

    Timothy T. Olsen (verified owner)

    Applied the cream at 9:30am, removed it by 10:00 and didn’t feel anything until 4PM. Stencil application took a little longer than anticipated and I thought that I missed the peak of the numbing but after sitting for about 4 hours I was just starting to feel the tattoo gun. I fell asleep for my hand tattoo which is crazy! Highly recommend to anyone who is pain adverse or just wants to sit for a long session. One application had numbing that lasted about 7 hours and I wouldn’t believe it unless I experienced it!

  7. Avatar of Julio D. Perkins

    Julio D. Perkins (verified owner)

    Perfect for a large tattoo along my spine, I think I’d have died without it!

  8. Avatar of Ileana Beneventi

    Ileana Beneventi (verified owner)

    miglior prodotto!

  9. Avatar of James A. Durham

    James A. Durham (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several sites and brought up some crap before. TKTX Company is by far the best!

  10. Avatar of Robert K. Pollard

    Robert K. Pollard (verified owner)

    This is amazing! I have done three!!! Wouldn’t use any other product. Each of mine lasted about 5 hrs. If applied correctly you feel very little. Love it!! ❤️

  11. Avatar of Althea M. Hwang

    Althea M. Hwang (verified owner)

    Love this cream

  12. Avatar of Margaret J. Chancey

    Margaret J. Chancey (verified owner)

    This cream is excellent for helping to ease pain. I’ve had over 150 hours of tattooing and I couldn’t have had that without this product. I have ME, Fibromyalgia and Spondylitis so I go through enough daily pain as it is without wanting to add to it!

  13. Avatar of Mike V. Smith

    Mike V. Smith (verified owner)

    the best place to buy these creams!

  14. Avatar of Settimo Cattaneo

    Settimo Cattaneo (verified owner)

    Sorprendente. Lo amo!

  15. Avatar of Kaua Rodrigues Fernandes

    Kaua Rodrigues Fernandes (verified owner)

    Creme brilhante, durou 2 horas!

  16. Avatar of Adena S. Lindberg

    Adena S. Lindberg (verified owner)

    Very good product and it does work! I’m getting a tattoo around my ankle and there’s no feeling at all… AMAZING!

  17. Avatar of Elvin R. Thai

    Elvin R. Thai (verified owner)

    I was amazed at the results I got with this product. I’m not brave with pain and needles so you can understand my delight at how relaxed I was throughout my treatment.

  18. Avatar of Charlotte J. Justice

    Charlotte J. Justice (verified owner)

    first tube was great went to use second tube was brownish in color found a slit in the tube was leaking in the box didnt work well wrote you a couple times about it would like compensated for 1 tube please will continue to get more when out thanks Brian Middleton

  19. Avatar of Margaret J. Shinn

    Margaret J. Shinn (verified owner)

    Best creme I’ve tried knowing that sternum tattoos are super painful this felt like the artist was drawing one with a marker for several hours. Love love love it.

  20. Avatar of Nathan K. Loaiza

    Nathan K. Loaiza (verified owner)

    Amazing really works didn’t feel a thing

  21. Avatar of Karen E. Bower

    Karen E. Bower (verified owner)

    This stuff works perfectly if used correctly.

  22. Avatar of Antoine D'Aoust

    Antoine D’Aoust (verified owner)

    très bien

  23. Avatar of Judith R. Orr

    Judith R. Orr (verified owner)

    very effective

  24. Avatar of Thomas E. Haider

    Thomas E. Haider (verified owner)

    Worked great on armpit tattoo

  25. Avatar of Michelle J. Hedegaard

    Michelle J. Hedegaard (verified owner)

    Dette er forbløffende

  26. Avatar of Michael K. Nugent

    Michael K. Nugent (verified owner)

    Amazing!!! Didn’t feel nothing at all !!

  27. Avatar of Uwe Meier

    Uwe Meier (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Hagen. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  28. Avatar of John D. Robinson

    John D. Robinson (verified owner)

    I’ve used a few of these numbing creams etc, they all work to a point, but this is by far the best I have used, I actually managed to sleep for 2 hours during a recent tattoo session thats how good it was

  29. Avatar of June H. Culbertson

    June H. Culbertson (verified owner)

    Used the cream did not feel a thing!!!

  30. Avatar of Gary R. Cline

    Gary R. Cline (verified owner)

    First time I have ever tried this item and so wish I had found it before it last well over 4 hours and to get my 3 hour tattoo pain free thank u will be useing it again

  31. Avatar of Martina Demagri

    Martina Demagri (verified owner)

    Effective, fast and easy to apply

  32. Avatar of Robert E. Carrol

    Robert E. Carrol (verified owner)

    I used TKTX numbing cream for a large tattoo. It worked well for about 4 hours before even starting to wear off

  33. Avatar of Fabiano Li Fonti

    Fabiano Li Fonti (verified owner)

    Crema lucida, durata 2 ore!

  34. Avatar of Benildo Gutiérrez Cruz

    Benildo Gutiérrez Cruz (verified owner)

    Recomiendo a mis amigos

  35. Avatar of Guadalupe G. Dean

    Guadalupe G. Dean (verified owner)

    It worked very well. I put it on one hour prior to my 4 hour appt. Make sure you wrap it with plastic wrap. When I removed wrap I had a rash for about 10 minutes which went away after a quick rinse with water. I didn’t feel anything until the last 30 minutes. I will definitely buy more

  36. Avatar of Olivia J. Lynch

    Olivia J. Lynch (verified owner)

    Had the absolutely most comfortable tattooing experience with this numbing cream. It worked so much better and faster than I anticipated. Will be ordering more for my next pieces.

  37. Avatar of Kenneth S. Cuevas

    Kenneth S. Cuevas (verified owner)

    Must admit didn’t think this would work but WOW this cream is amazing definitely works and lasted at least 4 hours would 100% buy again

  38. Avatar of Orazio Hart

    Orazio Hart (verified owner)

    Gold 45% The Best TKTX Numbing Cream Anesthetic 3-5 hours Fast Semi Permanent Skin Body Duration

  39. Avatar of Arlette Duranseau

    Arlette Duranseau (verified owner)

    Le meilleur

  40. Avatar of Paul T. Melendez

    Paul T. Melendez (verified owner)

    I felt this Product working in under 20mins.. i would recommend to everyone getting a medium sized or large tattoo and want minimal pain and swelling. But Really use 1hr b4 tattoo to get the best effect.

  41. Avatar of สุลักษขณา พูสมจิตต์

    สุลักษขณา พูสมจิตต์ (verified owner)


  42. Avatar of Donald K. Martin

    Donald K. Martin (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at n all these numbing creams but thought why not it can’t make it hurt more. I got it for my ditch and didn’t feel a damn thing – 10/10 will buy it again.

  43. Avatar of Orva Mousseau

    Orva Mousseau (verified owner)

    Bestellt fir en Tattoo Works Brilliant

  44. Avatar of James C. King

    James C. King (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  45. Avatar of Patricia W. Miranda

    Patricia W. Miranda (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  46. Avatar of Helene Kleist

    Helene Kleist (verified owner)

    Envío rápido y funcionó muy bien.

  47. Avatar of Fiacre Caya

    Fiacre Caya (verified owner)


  48. Avatar of Jeffrey C. Westfall

    Jeffrey C. Westfall (verified owner)

    Do as the directions say and your pain will go away. Amazing product and with it you don’t even feel the needle.

  49. Avatar of Adelaide Piazza

    Adelaide Piazza (verified owner)

    Più di 4 ore senza dolore

  50. Avatar of Nadine Gärtner

    Nadine Gärtner (verified owner)

    in meinem Studio verwenden

  51. Avatar of Adrian A. Niehaus

    Adrian A. Niehaus (verified owner)

    Had hand tattoos with this cream on and all I could feel was vibrating. Zero pain .

  52. Avatar of Doris J. Littlejohn

    Doris J. Littlejohn (verified owner)

    Ina shuí ar feadh 5 uair an chloig de tatú gan aon phian i ndáiríre!

  53. Avatar of Jesse W. Ennis

    Jesse W. Ennis (verified owner)

    There are no pain in the area where I’m tattooing myself for tasting, and another tattoo that I do after that, I use the numbing and it’s working! Thank you from Israel!

  54. Avatar of Lois W. Hernandez

    Lois W. Hernandez (verified owner)

    J’ai mis la crème sur certaines zones, c’est génial.

  55. Avatar of Donald K. Richardson

    Donald K. Richardson (verified owner)

    Only had to reapply once after 2 1/2 hours. Was a amazing experience!

  56. Avatar of Sean H. Smith

    Sean H. Smith (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing!! Followed the instructions to a T and I didn’t feel a thing! Had to do the one whole sitting estimated 3.5hours and lasted the whole time!! I didn’t cover the whole area because I didn’t know where exactly the tattoo was gonna lay, so make sure you cover more area than expecting.

  57. Avatar of Leonie Pfeffer

    Leonie Pfeffer (verified owner)

    Gutes Produkt

  58. Avatar of Joso Kovačević

    Joso Kovačević (verified owner)

    Više ne radim tetovaže bez ovog proizvoda

  59. Avatar of Stefan Brandt

    Stefan Brandt (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Hamburgo. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  60. Avatar of Lynnette D. Chaires

    Lynnette D. Chaires (verified owner)

    I will never get another tattoo with out this. It was fantastic

  61. Avatar of Isaac O. King

    Isaac O. King (verified owner)

    I used this for under arm tattoo definitely recommend it numbing cream works. I will be buying more 10 out of 10

  62. Avatar of Rodney E. Caraballo

    Rodney E. Caraballo (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  63. Avatar of Adelmo Colombo

    Adelmo Colombo (verified owner)

    Il meglio di tutto

  64. Avatar of Jess J. Fox

    Jess J. Fox (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  65. Avatar of Shannon T. Wallick

    Shannon T. Wallick (verified owner)

    Used this stuff for my dreaded elbow ditch tattoo and I didn’t feel a thing. Best damn cream on the market!

  66. Avatar of Abigail G. Baker

    Abigail G. Baker (verified owner)

    I used a couple of tubes total for this piece which extends to my ribs. After I used it correctly, it worked amazingly! Highly recommend

  67. Avatar of Latisha V. Jones

    Latisha V. Jones (verified owner)

    déan an méid a deir tú

  68. Avatar of Gabriela Rocha Rodrigues

    Gabriela Rocha Rodrigues (verified owner)

    Não fico sem esse produto

  69. Avatar of Maxx van Assen

    Maxx van Assen (verified owner)


  70. Avatar of James L. Pasquale

    James L. Pasquale (verified owner)

    Totally painless when you use this numbing cream!!

  71. Avatar of Calliope Monaldo

    Calliope Monaldo (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Bolzano. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  72. Avatar of Alan C. Otis

    Alan C. Otis (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, I’ve had a few tattoo’s done without this cream and I honestly wouldn’t have a tattoo again without it, it’s a game changer.

  73. Avatar of Delling Herndon

    Delling Herndon (verified owner)

    Gold 45% The Best TKTX Numbing Cream Anesthetic 3-5 hours Fast Semi Permanent Skin Body Duration

  74. Avatar of Michele L. Bishop

    Michele L. Bishop (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  75. Avatar of Ray H. Worsham

    Ray H. Worsham (verified owner)

    Excellent product does exactly what it says on the box! I will definitely be purchasing again

  76. Avatar of Selma J. Deleon

    Selma J. Deleon (verified owner)

    Tá an táirge iontach

  77. Avatar of Sylvester A. Lemieux

    Sylvester A. Lemieux (verified owner)

    Fast delivery , great product

  78. Avatar of Jamie C. Dejesus

    Jamie C. Dejesus (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a thing , very easy to apply, would definitely buy again

  79. Avatar of Larry C. Alexander

    Larry C. Alexander (verified owner)

    Couldn’t have done it without it !!
    I’ve always wanted one whole side of my body done and it has began !!

  80. Avatar of Felix A. Moore

    Felix A. Moore (verified owner)

    Just sat through 3 hours and didn’t feel a thing!! This is just one of the many many tattoos I have and why sit through the pain of you don’t have to!

    I’ll never stop using this!

  81. Avatar of Marina Köhler

    Marina Köhler (verified owner)

    Diese Creme ist unglaublich

  82. Avatar of Steve P. Dinkins

    Steve P. Dinkins (verified owner)

    Go hiomlán an uachtar ainéistéiseach is fearr.

  83. Avatar of Karif Safwat Awad

    Karif Safwat Awad (verified owner)

    هذا الكريم اعجبني

  84. Avatar of Line J. Lorenzen

    Line J. Lorenzen (verified owner)

    Køb for at sælge videre. mine klienter elsker denne bedøvelsescreme til tatoveringer

  85. Avatar of Cristina Bezrukova

    Cristina Bezrukova (verified owner)

    Абсолютно ЛЮБОВЬ!

  86. Avatar of Sabine Faerber

    Sabine Faerber (verified owner)

    Ich habe die TKTX Betäubungscreme gekauft und sie kam sehr schnell. Ich lebe in Deutschland in Neuss. Originalprodukt mit Echtheitssiegel

  87. Avatar of Pamela G. Regalado

    Pamela G. Regalado (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this cream. For best results apply 1 hour before your tattoo session begins. Could still feel needle upto an hour into the session but then the pain went and could just feel the pressure being applied but no pain. 5 star product!

  88. Avatar of Doris D. Schafer

    Doris D. Schafer (verified owner)

    Had a 3hours coloring session,.. lotus pink, center of lotus purple, frogg, all the blossoms and tulip… didn’t feel a thing, was the first time i’d usted it and will def use it again…. i even recommend it for big pieces, side note… after 3 hours my skin started to wake up again, so for longer sessions you def have to put on a second layer… let you all know how the other side went, reason… blacking out the second nipple. stay colorful and inked

  89. Avatar of Frank M. Kujawa

    Frank M. Kujawa (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a thing!! Im sold!! I was a non believer but definitely works!

  90. Avatar of Lindsay R. Locke

    Lindsay R. Locke (verified owner)

    This was done in a 6 hour session. I used two tubes and followed instructions to a T and I was numb for the entire time. Didn’t feel a thing! Love this cream it is literally the best out there! Bought some more recently to get the rest of the shading done ❤️

  91. Avatar of Alcides Cortez Verduzco

    Alcides Cortez Verduzco (verified owner)

    Ya no hago tatuajes sin este producto

  92. Avatar of Babette Frappier

    Babette Frappier (verified owner)


  93. Avatar of Billy A. Mintz

    Billy A. Mintz (verified owner)

    I can not tell a lie it works!!!!

  94. Avatar of Esther S. Eagle

    Esther S. Eagle (verified owner)

    This stuff worked pretty well, lasted roughly couple hrs.

  95. Avatar of Rebekah J. Hendrix

    Rebekah J. Hendrix (verified owner)

    HIGHLY recommend this amazing cream! Seriously does wonders I could not believe it. I barely felt a thing and in the little area that I did, it was not even near as painful as it would be. So glad I was recommended this product.

  96. Avatar of Ronald J. Wilhoit

    Ronald J. Wilhoit (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  97. Avatar of Joseph W. Green

    Joseph W. Green (verified owner)

    I got a 5 hour sternum tattoo using this cream. At first apply the pain was about a 2 out of 10. Keep in mind this is a spot that’s easily a 9 or 10 out of 10. I was so pleased because I was dreading this tattoo, and had tattooed nearly my entire body before I would touch it. 2 hours in after the outline I re-applied for about 25-30 minutes. The remaining 3 hours of my tattoo I felt nothing! I never review products but holy shit this cream works! I was hesitant due to the lidocaine % so I compared it with a prescription strength lidocaine at 10%. It blew my mind when this product worked better than that BY FAR! Highly highly recommend.

  98. Avatar of Emile M. Andresen

    Emile M. Andresen (verified owner)

    føler ikke smerter

  99. Avatar of Joshua L. Cornell

    Joshua L. Cornell (verified owner)

    This is by far the best tattoo cream ever! I don’t know what I would do without it! Even my tattoo artist commented how long it lasts compared to other brands. GET IT YOU WILL BE SO GLAD YOU DID!!

  100. Avatar of Karoline Fleischer

    Karoline Fleischer (verified owner)

    Muy buen producto

  101. Avatar of Fantino Negrón Leiva

    Fantino Negrón Leiva (verified owner)

    Muy buen producto original.

  102. Avatar of Jack K. Davis

    Jack K. Davis (verified owner)

    Liked the product very much. Made it so enjoyable getting the tattoo. Thank you and I will highly recommend it to others.

  103. Avatar of Russell I. Milliron

    Russell I. Milliron (verified owner)

    Very good numbing, put it on about a hour before getting tattooed and lasted the length of the sitting around 3 hours. Will definitely purchase again.

  104. Avatar of Mary R. Gray

    Mary R. Gray (verified owner)

    This cream is AMAZING! 6 hours tattooing, including the elbow, and I literally didn’t feel a thing. Cannot recommend highly enough. Wish I’d found it at the start of my sleeve, and will definitely be using it for the other sleeve.

  105. Avatar of Svend Jørgensen

    Svend Jørgensen (verified owner)

    Lo mejor que he usado. Funciona rapido.

  106. Avatar of Kimberly G. Butler

    Kimberly G. Butler (verified owner)

    Lasted for 5 hours got the rest of my leg done

  107. Avatar of Eric S. Pettis

    Eric S. Pettis (verified owner)

    All works as it should, thank you! Definitely will use it again if I will needed. High recommends to all.

  108. Avatar of Latoya F. Smith

    Latoya F. Smith (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  109. Avatar of Melissa S. Roberts

    Melissa S. Roberts (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  110. Avatar of William R. Thompson

    William R. Thompson (verified owner)

    I really didn’t have high expectations for this… I’d just had sugar threads in my face and had a topical lidocaine and felt every thread go in. I finally got to try this cream, rich I bought over 2 years ago, I’m totally sold! I remembered my collar bone hurting like a mother the first time, so knew the cover up would be Hell. I left the cream on fire 90+ minutes, after my artist did some heavy duty exfoliating on the area. He was finishing up on my partner while I let the cream sit. Honestly, I felt a bit like a poser bc I felt nothing; I used to make a fun of ppl who’d freak bc, “no, of course they don’t numb you. The pain is half the reason for getting tattooed!” But, as a collector, there are spots I need ink that, especially as I’ve gotten older and collagen production stopped and skin lost elasticity, are incredibly painful and my body – which has now been through some serious physical trauma- goes into shock after a short time (I used to be able to sit for 8 hours at a time, feeling every single thrust of the needle, loved every minute!). The only thing I didn’t like is that I didn’t feel the relief I usually feel after getting tattooed- I’ve used tattooing in the past to rid my body of anger and sadness, my version of curing I guess! There were a few spots we missed with the cream, so I did get some of the, “yes it hurts so good!” release of getting ink. So i was getting tattooed for about 2 hours and was still numb when I left, and my body metabolizes anesthesia and lido/Novocain faster than most (it’s a redhead thing, legit!). I’m not sure how it works written to reapply and not let it sit for 90 minutes, but maybe it absorbs faster after your skin is punctured… I’m sure that being heavily exfoliated first helped. My artist uses a different brand of numbing cream, missing one of the key ingredients of this brand, which is actually really helpful for people with my type of skin, helping the ink stay (rather than spread through capillaries, it’s genetics). This stuff is incredible, ordering more now! I’m not sure how much of an area one tube will cover, and idk if it’s because I’d had mine for so long, but it seemed almost empty, but I think we used over half a tube for the area this piece covered. It’ll definitely be necessary for the shading!!!

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    I followed the instructions and lay for and hour and a half without moving or a break..
    I only started to feel it right at the end but It was manageable.
    Because of the placement of my tattoo I needed to have it uncovered the whole time. So it was exposed for about 2 hours
    I have already told friends and family about it and I’d buy it again if I thought I needed it.

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    Really surprised at how well this worked considering how cheap it is!

    I put this on about 2 hours before my appointment without showering beforehand and it still numbed the area. I couldn’t feel a thing

    Sensation began to return about 1 hour into the tattoo but that was just to touch, not to pain. I think if I’d have opened my pores up before applying the cream the effects would’ve lasted longer

    Definitely recommended, it’s worth a try given how cheap it is. You don’t get much in the tube so if you plan on having a large area done, I’d have two ready just in case 🙂

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